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 Edit in Game Loading and Crashing Issue's

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Edit in Game Loading and Crashing Issue's  Empty
PostSubject: Edit in Game Loading and Crashing Issue's    Edit in Game Loading and Crashing Issue's  EmptyThu Mar 01, 2012 4:59 am

This is an old list. I'm leaving it here in case someone has tried everything else. We now know a lot more, and I suggest this thread at MTS. It is the best troubleshooting thread to date.

CAW not running? CAW running slowly? Updated 8 September

If you are having problems getting your edit in game, EIG, to function properly, try these steps. Credit; Regina @ Custom Sims 3, and Stw402
  • Rebuild Routing Data

  • Remove all .package files from your Mods folder.

  • Remove the DCCache file, and put in safe place, like your desktop. This was required before the second Caw came out with Ambitions, but you can skip this step now, it seems to work fine leaving it in.

  • Now try entering EIG, if it doesn't load in a half hour, it should load within 10 min, hit ctl-alt-delete, shut down your computer and let it sit for 2-5 min. Then power back up.

  • Open Caw back up, and your World. You will need to check all your roads for possible problems.

  • Make sure all your roads are connected

  • Check all intersections, and make sure they are connected.

  • Make sure you don't have any stacked roads. to do this you will have to click on each road segment, hit the delete key and make sure there are not pieces underneath. It's very easy to have tiny little bits of road at the connection points, so look carefully. If there is nothing under there just hit the undo button and go to the next segment.

  • Make sure there are no roads under the edges of lots.

  • Make sure there are no sidewalks over your roads.

If none of this helped, you may have a corrupted lot. Do any of your lots have Custom Content in them? Caw doesn't like CC, and may just refuse to work properly. Here's a quote from Stw402 at the EA Caw forum;

[quote=Stw402]To get your current game working, your going to need to delete lots. Start with the most recent lot, and work your way backwards. Place a backup of your save on your desktop first, after each delete, test the game. If the game loads then bingo that's the bad lot. Replace the save with your backup, and delete that lot in your backup and the game should load.

A tip for you is place lots in layers of 5 using the Global layer, add layer, if you have this problem again, it will help narrow down the search by deleting a layer at a time, before each test load, it will probable save you hours of testing to find the bad lot.

Not 100% sure why a lot goes bad, but the main culprit seems to be terrain adjustments, but each time you make an adjustment near a lot you should use the conform edges, it should help reduce the risk, but a test will do you no harm.

I hope this info helps somebody, I've been building all week using CAW, I've got in the habit of placing a empty lot and loading the game, my current game as got 60 lots on, I'm on my 8th backup save, each time a lot was the problem, 8 failed loads, so sooner or later, if your building a huge world, you will get hit by this bug, so you either spend 45 seconds loading in game after you place each lot or you run risk of spending many frustrating hours trying to find the culprit for a failed load.[/quote]

Original Thread; How to avoid a failed ingame load, by Stw402

If none of this worked, try defraging your computer. Do you do basic computer maintenance on a regular basis? If not go here:
Basic computer maintenance everyone should do, at MajorGeeks.Com

This is all I can think of or dig up. If you know some other tips, post and I'll pop them in here.

Tip from Stw402:
Stw402 wrote:
Another problem for a failed load is objects being to close to lots, with my current world I've not placed any objects near any lots on the world map, not had a failed load yet. It might be good practice to place lots prior to placing trees and other objects on your world.
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Edit in Game Loading and Crashing Issue's
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