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 Textures: Snow & Ice

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Textures: Snow & Ice  Empty
PostSubject: Textures: Snow & Ice    Textures: Snow & Ice  EmptyThu Mar 01, 2012 2:39 am

This is my snow and ice textures folder. This contains Martine's Snow texture from her mega pack at MTS, the rest I found at various texture sites and converted them to .dds format.
There is a jpeg of each .dds file next to it so you can see what you are getting, just remember to click on the .dds file and not the pic when you're choosing your texture. In this pic, I've highlighted the textures I used in Whoville. as you can see, I had to tone down the brightness of the snow textures, otherwise it's way too bright.

+Snow & Ice.rar (12.76 MB)

Textures: Snow & Ice  Snow_a10
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Textures: Snow & Ice
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