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 Tutorial Writing Guidlines

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PostSubject: Tutorial Writing Guidlines   Tutorial Writing Guidlines EmptyWed Feb 29, 2012 5:14 pm

Just a few guidelines for writing the tuts.

Host the images you use for your tutorial here at TS3CC. We want you to do this so no matter where life takes you, the information you leave here, will stay here so people can keep learning from it. I've read tutorials where all the pics were missing and you're like Argh! So, here is a little tut on how to host a picture.

@MerryWiddow wrote:
To upload images to this site.

Select the button 'Host an Image'.
Tutorial Writing Guidlines Untitl10

When the pop up show click on the 'Browse' button.
Tutorial Writing Guidlines Untitl11

Select the file to upload and click 'Open'.
Tutorial Writing Guidlines Untitl12

Click 'Host It'.
Tutorial Writing Guidlines Untitl13

Click on the 'Copy' button for the 'Image:' The press CTRL  and hold and then press the C so you are pressing them at the same time.
Tutorial Writing Guidlines Untitl14

Select the spot in the post where you want your image to appear and press CTRL and hold and then press the V so you are pressing them at the same time.
Tutorial Writing Guidlines Untitl15

I hope this helps those new to this type of forum.

We may edit your tutorial to fix any spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors. Please don't be offended by this, I've asked for someone to proof, and edit my tutorials because I know my writing skills are not the best. We may edit the information you provide if over time, the information changes. Caw is in Beta form, and we have no way of knowing what, if any changes will occur with it. We will make sure any editing of information is well noted with reasons behind it.

I'll add to this post if any more guidelines are necessary. Here are some resources on writing tutorials I've found helpful.

How to Write a Tutorial
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Tutorial Writing Guidlines
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