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 Patch Day 03Oct2019 10/3/2019 PC / Mac

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Patch Day 03Oct2019 10/3/2019 PC  / Mac Empty
PostSubject: Patch Day 03Oct2019 10/3/2019 PC / Mac   Patch Day 03Oct2019 10/3/2019 PC  / Mac EmptyThu Oct 03, 2019 1:19 pm

**EA Updated Patch Notes to correct Version number.**

10/3/2019 PC / Mac
Update: 10/3/2019 Happy Halloween Simmers!
Quoted from the link:
We have a couple new costumes for your Sims collection! An adult male and female robot costume are now available in Create a Sim.
In addition we have a couple of issues that we addressed, that we hope will improve your game experience.


General Issues

  • Inward facing doors set to “Lock Door For All” will now actually lock.
  • Attempting to place a room while using the Sims 3 Camera Mode should no longer inform players that "Roofs can't be placed in enclosed rooms."
  • Sims will no longer become jealous when sims with the Player trait perform romantic interactions with other Sims in front of them.
  • The cheat "clock._set_milliseconds_per_sim_second" should no longer crash the game. If you know what this cheat does, feel free to let SimGuruNinja know.

City Living

  • We addressed an issue that was allowing non greeted Sims to enter your apartment uninvited.

Get Famous

  • Sims in the Actor career on a gig that have cancelled the “Tell director ready to perform” interaction, will no longer find themselves blocked by being unable to initiate the interaction.

Island Living

  • Sims should no longer get the Sudden Chill moodlet after drinking several Kava beverages.
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Patch Day 03Oct2019 10/3/2019 PC / Mac
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