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 Special patch: Update 9/17/2019 - PC / Mac

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Special patch: Update 9/17/2019 - PC / Mac Empty
PostSubject: Special patch: Update 9/17/2019 - PC / Mac   Special patch: Update 9/17/2019 - PC / Mac EmptyTue Sep 17, 2019 6:45 pm

Special patch: Update 9/17/2019 - PC / Mac
Shared by SimGuruNinja

- Quoted from the link -

Hello Simmers!
We wanted to swiftly address some unintentional issues that popped up following our last game update.

Thanks for your patience, and now onto the fixes...

  • Did you know that one of the Island Living Counter swatches had an inconsistent color and texture compared to their Counter Island that was added later? It was a silly gaffe on our part that we felt compelled to fix as quickly as possible.
  • There also happened to be a crash that was occurring when exiting CAS in the middle of a spellcaster idle animation. It was an issue that required unlucky timing to trigger and we missed it during testing. T’was Dark Magic I say! The darkest of magics. Worry not, brave wanderer; the issue has since been defeated.
  • One other important fix coming: Columns were being forced to be medium wall height; no matter the actual wall height. Kind of lame, huh? Well, *wand waggle* *spellcast* *poof* FIXED! Columns now watch your wall height. Ahhhh - that’s better.

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Special patch: Update 9/17/2019 - PC / Mac
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