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 The Sims 4 Python Upgrade and MCCC

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The Sims 4 Python Upgrade and MCCC  Empty
PostSubject: The Sims 4 Python Upgrade and MCCC    The Sims 4 Python Upgrade and MCCC  EmptyWed Oct 03, 2018 11:22 pm

The Sims 4 Python Upgrade and MCCC
Quote :
Many have started reading about EA’s upcoming Python upgrade.  Just like EA said, this will break all script mods.  That definitely includes MCCC.  When it happens, all I can do is get everything recompiled in 3.7.0.  
I’m not sure what kind of language differences there are between the current version and 3.7.0, so I don’t know if anything else really major will happen.  I know that the “decompiler” script-modders use each time EA does a release to get the latest version of Sims 4 script-code to mod will no longer work in 3.7.0 and that could cause problems if someone doesn’t come-up with an alternative (like EA actually providing the script each time…)
Just a heads-up.  This is coming.  Not much we can do about it but deal with it when it gets here.
Thanks!  Smile
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The Sims 4 Python Upgrade and MCCC
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