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 Sixam Mosquito Trap Issues

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Sixam Mosquito Trap Issues  Empty
PostSubject: Sixam Mosquito Trap Issues    Sixam Mosquito Trap Issues  EmptyThu Feb 02, 2017 12:20 pm

@Buttonsginger I know we talked about this at one point.
[OPEN] [V] Wild Sixam Mosquito Trap can't be planted in a planter
02 February 2017
Vanilla game / Zero Mods / Zero CC
Same issue in two different saves.
Harvested Wild Sixam Mosquito Trap and could not place in planter.
Scenario One:
Placed seed on open ground (not on floor tile) and there was no option to plant.
This was a Vampire household so I had placed a roof (no floor) over the garden to protect my Vampires while tending plants.
That was one reason I could not plant anything. The roof protected my Sims but even with no floor and no walls the game considered this a 'room'.
*Please do not change this as it is how I am keeping my vampires alive.
Scenario Two:
Cannot plant in a planter so went for alternative plan.
Placed seed on open ground (not under a roof) and was able to plant it.
Went to build mode to move plant and it still will not go into a planter of pot.
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Sixam Mosquito Trap Issues  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sixam Mosquito Trap Issues    Sixam Mosquito Trap Issues  EmptyFri Feb 03, 2017 12:37 pm

How annoying. My Sims found some plants but I've not discovered what they are used for yet so they each have a pod in their inventory. Waiting...
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Sixam Mosquito Trap Issues
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