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 *Patch* July 28 Patch Notes Pg 4

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*Patch* July 28 Patch Notes Pg 4 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: July 28 Patch Notes   *Patch* July 28 Patch Notes Pg 4 - Page 3 EmptyTue Jul 28, 2015 1:13 pm

July 28 Patch Notes
Quoted from link
Update: 07/28/2015 – PC Version / Mac Version
Hey Simmers
Today we are releasing a small, but focused update to address two specific issues that have been affecting some folks. This update would not have been possible without your help and support. To everyone who contributed save files and participated in bug threads on the forums and Answers HQ, you have our sincere thanks!

"Can't Make Friends" a.k.a. "Relationship Stuck At Impartial"

  • Sims should now be able to change their relationship status normally with all other Sims.

"Map Reload Issue" a.k.a. "Loading a lot kicks me back to the map"

  • This should be fixed for most players, and you should now be able to visit problem lots once again. This actually turned out to be a few different issues that all had the same result. In each case some sequence of events would put a lot into a 'bad' state, and the game would essentially run back to the safety of the map screen. We believe we've fixed the most common causes of this effect, but there may be other methods that might scare the game away. If you encounter a new one, please share!

Thank you again for your continued support and participation!
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*Patch* July 28 Patch Notes Pg 4 - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: *Patch* July 28 Patch Notes Pg 4   *Patch* July 28 Patch Notes Pg 4 - Page 3 EmptyWed Jul 29, 2015 2:20 pm

I think I mentioned that I'm back on my old computer. Sigh. This is the way it's going to be for awhile, maybe months. So , not surprising I got confused between what was where and what had been loaded on to which drive, etc. and left the mods folder in TS3. I had been DL'ing TS3 onto the new and found out, via a computer/game message that the graphics card would not support the game. eeek That was not what the sales person said. So it was back to dl'ing and installing TS3. That was an awful mess last weekend and very frustrating. It would have taken more time than I was willing to spend to reintroduce game saves and store downloads slowly looking for any that caused a problem. I remembered reading that all fixes were to the base game now so uninstalled the base game and reinstalled it. It was a very bare game, again. So in a moment of pique I put the saved game folder in the EA folder, the whole kit and kabodle , and brought up the game, after getting a new launcher. Anyway it all seems to have come together and is now working. Celebrate Celebrate
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*Patch* July 28 Patch Notes Pg 4
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