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 Build problem leading to not sharing?

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Build problem leading to not sharing? Empty
PostSubject: Build problem leading to not sharing?   Build problem leading to not sharing? EmptyThu Jan 15, 2015 1:21 pm

Recently discovered that the front door in Crystal Rock lot had been turned around or the game suddenly took exception to it being in 'backwards'. The arrows were pointing backwards into the house. Neighbors were visiting the lot but going in the house from the backdoor through to the front door here they'd stop and wave their arms in that Sims way of telling you they can't move. One visitor kept ringing the doorbell on the inside of the house.
Build problem leading to not sharing? Beaches1frontdoorproblem_zps593809c2

Build problem leading to not sharing? Beaches1afrontdoorproblem_zps5de9451e
So I flipped the door and that stopped.
Then I decided to put the empty house down on another lot, so as not to move the family and disrupt, and made some additions and changes to the house and went to save it and share it when I found that the house had gone down on the lot backwards. This was probably due to the front door being turned around and not fixed yet. I spend some time on fixing and changing it and I don't want to upload and share to the gallery like this, on the lot backwards. This is so annoying. Is there anything I can do to save this lot for sharing or do I just have to junk it?
Right now that's all I can think of to do. It's just weird that the door suddenly caused a routing problem when I've been playing it off and on since October. Maybe the last update caused it?
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Build problem leading to not sharing?
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