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 Tutorial for placing Ports and Houseboats in CAW

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Tutorial for placing Ports and Houseboats in CAW Empty
PostSubject: Tutorial for placing Ports and Houseboats in CAW   Tutorial for placing Ports and Houseboats in CAW EmptyFri Sep 20, 2013 12:59 pm

Hi there. Okay, I have figured out the houseboat from the bin problem. I have written a short tut on Placing Ports and Lots in CAW if anyone is interested in a shorter version. If you want the long version with picture illustrations, then refer to the tutorials on the Sims 3 site. Hope it will be helpful.

Placing Houseboats and Ports in CAW

Caw Tutorial for Ports and Houseboats: written by Judy Sims

1.Open your world in CAW. Either make your lot layer active or add a new layer for the ports and houseboats. (you can make two layers if desired.)
2.Click on the “Add a new houseboat lot” button from the top row of the CAW window. (last button in the row)
3.Select the desired houseboat size from the pop-up window and click okay.
The camera will warp to the location of the lot, which will be outside the editable world.
4.Click on the new lot and enter any needed information into the property browser for that lot. (such as address, vista score and residential or community, whichever is desired.)
5.The reason for this is so you can have an empty houseboat lot in your world.
6.Add a lot in CAW for the port, making sure it is large enough for the pier and the gangway object. Don't forget the lot must be partially over land and water.
8.Go to EIG.
9.Enter Edit Town mode and select the port lot to build on. Make the lot a community lot and select Port as the type.
10.Build a dock by dragging the pier foundation from the water to the land. DO NOT go the opposite direction or you will not be able to place the Gangway object for a houseboat.
11.Add steps by holding down the Alt key when attaching the stairs to the dock. This enables you to have less than 4 steps on your stairs.
12.Add the gangway object to the deck. (found in the IP collections folder in Build/Buy or under buydebug) Note: do not use Move Objects On to set the gangway. All 4 of the green tiles must be on the pier. Add any other objects as desired to your port as well as any spawners.
13.Return to Edit Town mode as your port is now finished and ready for a houseboat.
14.Click on the Port lot and select the “Set Houseboat” button. (this will add an empty houseboat hull to the dock.
15.Find the houseboat lot you set in CAW and click on it. Give the houseboat a name and description at this time if desired. (if you have more than one houseboat set in CAW, then this name will help ID which houseboat to set at your dock.
16.While still in Edit Town, click on your port lot again and enter the lot.
17.While holding the SHIFT+CTRL keys left click on the houseboat hull. A window will appear with a menu, select “Debug: Set Houseboat Lot.” (a window will pop up with a list of houseboats) Select your houseboat and click okay.
18.The houseboat lot that was once outside your world will now be moved to your empty hull and ready to build on.
19.Important Note: If you wish to select a houseboat from the library bin, now is the time to do so. Go back out to Edit Town. You will see the empty lot icon on the port. Go to your bin and select the houseboat. Select place copy and then click on the empty lot icon. The houseboat will place as any other lot.
20.Save your world as usual.

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Tutorial for placing Ports and Houseboats in CAW Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tutorial for placing Ports and Houseboats in CAW   Tutorial for placing Ports and Houseboats in CAW EmptyFri Sep 20, 2013 2:30 pm

Great tutorial.

Note: I've moved the thread here to to section for CAW tutorials.


Have fun!
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Tutorial for placing Ports and Houseboats in CAW
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