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 Spooky Town

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Spooky Town Empty
PostSubject: Spooky Town   Spooky Town EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 9:56 pm

Spooky Town BatSpooky TownSpooky Town Bat

Spooky Town 1zq5umd

This is the funnest part of the world building process for me. I get to see everyone's great imagination, meet new people, and watch the the terrain I sculpted develop into a fantastic world I could not have imagined when I started. So, no need to be an expert builder, we're just here to have fun.

Spooky Town 1zfmpad

Spooky Town J6ub6o

You only need to download one of these. The .zip is compressed so you will need an extractor to open it up like winrar. The Sims 3 Pack is a larger file, but it's ready to go once you download.
Mediafire is directing you to an ad first, you need to click on the link underneath the ad for the asset to go to the download page

:!: Spooky Town Builder V-1.2 Sims 3 Pack - 94.02 MB

:!: Spooky Town Builder V-1.0 .rar - 74.78 MB

Just a few guidelines...........

EP's Used
Wa, & Ambitions, Free Store Stuff

Custom Content
There is so much great Halloween CC out, if you would like to build with CC I ask that you post what CC you have used, and a link to it. If you don't know where you got it, then just make sure you post "Unknown CC" I will not be putting any CC into the final upload, but we will put a link in the final download thread of all CC lots, and where they go. If you would like to make a "No CC Version" that would be great.

Lot Naming & Descriptions
Residential Lots; Name the lot what you would like. In the description, please put the lot number in. Here is an example of what I would like.........
Sleeps 5, + Crib. 3 Bdrm, 1 1/2 bath # 238. Built by Auntielynds. You can add in any other description after that, or before you do the" built by"

Commercial Lots: List what there is to do there, skill builders available,shopping and what kind. Also include what needs can be meet there, for instance, restrooms, kitchenette.

Sims for your Haunted House
If you want to make sims for your house, that would be great! Upload them separately, and make sure I know where they go. Maybe put the lot # in their description somewhere. I'll be playing a save game as we go that we will upload at the same time as the world.

Claim your lot!..............After you download the build template you can peruse the unfinished lots on the map. They all have a different number in the Address. After you've chosen your lot come back here and make a post claiming your lot with the address #. I will then add your name to the address list. Before you post be sure to check availability in the address list and on prior posts if I haven't updated right away.

One lot at a time, no hogging!

You will have 5 days from that point to post a progress report here, if I don't hear from you I'll assume real life has taken precedence, and you were unable to do anything. The lot will then become available again. You don't need to finish in 5 days, just let me know your working on it .

Submitting Your Lot.......... Once a lot has been completed post here in this thread with a link to the download. It would be nice if you'd post a picture or two of the lot for everyone to see and comment on. Make sure you don't break the thread though (Max 640 pixels width).

If you have any questions, If I've forgotten to cover something, leave me a post. I'll be checking here often. I'm on PST(Pacific Standard Time) and I'm usually always online between 8pm and 1am. I will of course check periodically throughout the day. You can also send me a personal message at TS3 Creators Consortium, we can even meet at the chat box at a certain time.[/center]
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PostSubject: Re: Spooky Town   Spooky Town EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 9:56 pm

Extra Spooky Lots you can add to Spooky Town;

Lots that are in Spooky Town,

but were originally made with some custom patterns, download these if you want the original version of the artist.

#208 Black Widow house, by Luna181618

#205 Cosy Hauntedhouse, by Luna181618

#101 Halliwell Manor, by Luna181618

#200 Vampire castle, by Luna181618 ?ahyneozg4po0x7c

#181 Addams House, by Luna181618 ?iywobtse9zfd2eg

#186 Bad Cook Gingerbread House, by Luna181618 ?t59oaazea79qmaa

Helstrom Haunted Manor, by Snowhawke9

Hinky's Underground Rave Club, by Snowhawke9

Lost It Years Ago Gym, by Snowhawke9

Haunted Seaport House, by Snowhawke9

Haunted House 13 Dead End Rd, by Snowhawke9

Halloween Lots from the Exchange, and around the Community

Spooky Church with Graveyard
by baby_gurl17
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

My Spooky House
by dragonflymistress
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Spooktacular House
by allisoneg02
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Franknstein's House
by allisoneg02
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Good vs Evil - Evil Castle and Queen Vanity
by amchristian
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Happy Halloween!
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Medieval House 2
by Baalberith
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

by bradleyjames
[url] [/url]
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

le vieux manoir
by cecile12
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Abandoned Shack -- No CC
by Chocolateluver
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Temple of Ma'Tak
by CloudwalkerNZ
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Forgotten Hillside Cemetery
by CloudwalkerNZ
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Gothic Night Club
by CloudwalkerNZ
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Witches Cottage
by DarciHyde
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Dimmu Borgir (The Dark Tower)
by DeadlySimP
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Baba Yaga's Hut
by DeadlySimP
Spooky Town Roof_up_large

Graveyard of the Lake
by DeathNoteSim
Spooky Town Roof_up_large
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PostSubject: Re: Spooky Town   Spooky Town EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 10:00 pm

Lot Listing............................
:!: If you download these builds from the Exchange, please Rec the artist so there lovely work does not get culled. :!:

The Blue Commercial lots are just suggestions of what we can put in that particular lot. If you think something would go better somewhere else, just let me know and we'll move stuff around. I just don't want to miss any rabbit holes.

Downtown Spooky Town I've placed a ton of lots here to accommodate future expansion packs. I'd like to fill up the lots facing the Spooky River first, then work our way back. Downtown South dips down to a lower level where I thought a more industrial area could be. We can change any of the lots zoning, residential, or commercial. It's hard to know when you're plunking down lots.

Downtown North
Spooky Town 11c6uxe
101. Halliwell House by Luna181618; Completed; ?tm8t7k7wejbid62
103. Haunted Haven by GldKelly [url] ?drw95ggq875gc96[/url]
105. Graveyard & Mausoleum
109. Business CenterAuntielynds under constuction
110. Hallow Halls Academy by DaisyLee
111. Gallery of Modern Art Andrejsala by Luna181618 ?flf52iz53x9w555
Elm Street Science Facility by Ayntielynds Completed *New Lot*
118. Hinky's Underground Rave Club by Snowhawke9
123. City Hall Auntie Lynds under construction
125. The Ghost Garden by Simona999 ?1oo8m990o3tkh62
129. Salon; Laundromat & ?
131. Warlock Plaza by angel_lillie ?j4wq5nca4ydycc9 includes Grocery Store, Book Store, and Spa.
135. Bistro

Downtown South
Spooky Town N20512
138. Basil's Books and Brew Shop by DaisyLee
139. Hospital Ptarax Under Construction
141. Alucard's Cathedral by Awnswaring file/50dz78qt0ads1tx/Alucard%27s%20Cathedral.Sims3Pack
143. Movie Theater; Restaurant (Diner),
145. Daisy Lee; Black Widow Park, Completed ?6k2xtdaaiayxy52
148. Police Police Station by Heat33330 ?kw9a912b465jljs
149. Fire House
150. Stadium
151. Completed, In map
152. House of Urban Decay by Awnswaring file/mole624skezkbd7/House%20of%20Urban%20Decay.Sims3Pack
153. The Pink Stepford House by Awnswaring file/312a5s38868oah5/The%20Pink%20House.Sims3Pack
154. Urban Decay Condo by Awnswaring file/kgtds939y17ab81/Urban%20Decay%20Condo.Sims3Pack
155. Urban Decline by Awnswaring ?r8u4m54kv3vkvc7

156. Town Clock by Luna181618 ?5vhbugaw8w78dhv
159. Military Base auntielynds Under Construction
160. Mini Decay by file/h8a7zutr3shx9vw/Mini%20Decay.Sims3Pack
161. Parkview Library by Ks_0 ?kjg17j48x83nzbw
163. Consignment Shop Flea Market by
165. Completed
168. Restaurant Flashiness by Luna181618 , need link
169. Dwayne's Garage [hangout] by Awnswaring [url] ?ob4icgo1f452qs5[hangout] [/url]
170. Squatter's Paradise by Awnswaring ?0phullk409t9p5s
171. Bar- Completed
174. Little Purple House by CAELUM74 need link
176. Abandoned Nook by Ecofriend2
177. Criminal Hideout ?ays54spxqd8r3m6
178. Completed Auntielynds
179. Old Chinese heritage - stylist and tattoo salon. by Luna1891618 ?2euvie9n1e74559#2
180 A. Gym/Pool by Ptarax need link
180 B.
181. Adams Family House; Luna181618; ?iywobtse9zfd2eg
183. Old Park Rose Turaida 183 Blood Drive Sucker;Luna181618
186. Bad Cook Gingerbread House by Luna181618 ?t59oaazea79qmaa
187. Completed
188. Completed
189. Completed
190. Completed

Blood Beach

The blood red sand area is of course for our vamps to moon themselves at night. I just plunked down one commercial lot here, but we can rework it if anyone has some ideas.
Spooky Town 5o84cj

Blood Hill
Spooky Town 2wcky11
199. Legacy Lot, Value @ $14,700.00

Spooky Hill & Misty Hallow

Spooky Town Al0uoh
202. PlayerMttjms Clayenson Manor
203. Riverfield House by Ks_0 Completed ?9smerc79ri1yr95
204. Hayes House; daisylee910; Completed ?krtr68mtb6c05gb
205. Cosy Haunted House on Spooky Hill by Luna181618
206. ELF HOUSE by AlenaStepRR
207-A. *NEW LOT* Ancient Haunted Farmhouse by SnowHawke9 ?5d220u97e8l566j

Pumpkin Valley
Spooky Town 2rz4cug
207-B. Cavendish Farm by MiaC @Custom Sims 3; Completed
208. Black Widow's House on lot # 208 Pumpkin Valley Road. Luna181618;
209. Pumpkin patch, Completed

210. Maze, Pumpkin Patch
211. RuthlessKK Completed
212. RuthlessKK Completed
213. Old Barn by Auntielynds; Completed and in world
214. The Pumpkin House by Exploding_Shadows' ?x2ih94v9x1uwmli
215. Farmhouse by DaisyLee under construction
216 Daisy Lee; Pierce's Pumpkin Stand, Completed ?0ctfklajz66z5er
217. Bad Apple Nectary by Ks_0 ?16kd4fn1z4w6zjh

Apple Cider Ridge
Spooky Town 2h30brs
219. Wolsey Farm, by MiaC @ CS3; Completed
220. Fortuneteller, daisylee910, Completed ?3qovtbvjaodpsfa
222. Ma James' Place by DaisyLee ?86a2fbyaoys4b5a
223. Apple Cider Ridge by CAELUM74
224. PlayerMttjms Under Construction
225. Abandoned Farmhouse, by MiaC @ CS3; Completed

Gypsy Camp
Here, our gypsies have set up camp around the Carnival that will have Fortune Tellers, Food Stands, What else?
Spooky Town Nqai5l
228. Gypsy Camp Carnival, by SpazzAttk,
229. PlayerMttjms Under Construction
230.ClayWorld, Mountain Lot,
231. Gypsy Camp, Meresimp, Completed,
233. Gypsy Caravan AuntieLynds
234. Fishing Hole
235. Secret Shack by SpazzAttk

Wicked Wood
General residential area for your average wicked witches, ghouls, warlocks, ghosts, mummies, werewolves, and what ever else creeps about at Halloween.
Spooky Town 10ees0l
237. Zombie Canyon Road; OMGz 10/03
238. Haunted Hill House by Snowhawke9 ?we7s3xz1ovl2yv5
239. Texas Chainsaw Masscare House by strelitzia19
240. PlayerMttjms Under Construction
241.Daisylee, Old Widow McInnis' Cottage; Completed ?lpaub3wqt6xc7u3
244. Hex Hallow Loop Ks_0 9/19 Completed CC ?shc4o9do52a58aa

245. The Crazies by ecofriend2
246.Hester's Treehouse daisylee910 Completed ?zlgfz6o6zzz8pj6
247. Euka, S.p.o.o.k.s Glen; Completed
248. Creepy Fishing Hole auntielynds, Under Construction
249. Van Goth Manor; SummerSong;
250-B. Pao-Halloween! by paogae
254. Euka Butcher's Nest ?f69x1xzdr5ib96e 9/24
255. Completed
256. Completed
257-B.I added a new lot for this build on the side of a hill. Pao-Halloween, by Paogae

Pirate's Cove

Arr Matey! Some nice lots for ship building. One of the land lots could be a hidden tomb where our Pirates have stashed their treasure.
Spooky Town 1hcmsm
258 A.
258 B.
258.c Haunted Seaport House by SnowHawke9 ?rro1h83b29xno85
259. Beach Shanty by CAELUM74 ?89wawr7mvgahux5
260. Buccaneer's Pier Auntielynds Bucceener's Shopping Pier.Sims3Pack
261. Ship of Doom by ClayWorld

Darke Cliffs Ridge Road
Spooky Town 51ua6x
264. Asylum Rflong7 10/02
265. Dark Cliffs Manor by DaisyLee,
266. Helstrom Manor by SnowHawke9
Mine Completed
268. Junkyard
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PostSubject: Re: Spooky Town   Spooky Town EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 10:02 pm

Spooky Town

Sims to download to go with Spooky Town:

[quote=luna181618]My sim. To me they seem very nice. Perhaps you'd like one of those players. My sim is natural without cc. With just a hair Peggy.

Spooky Town A165e091a989

Fabiana Maldonado
Spooky Town A32095ed8085

Laura Domingo
Spooky Town D89e9310cee3

Black Sowwhite Grimm
Spooky Town Afbf22180882Spooky Town E9cc84f9641e

Her Grandmama Amanda Grimm
Spooky Town 63b2697f19b3

Ildze Pacient Grimm
Spooky Town B0758096dfef

Spooky Town 6acfda1e2717

Anuka Eme
Spooky Town Fe02677cf939

Flēra Butterfly
Spooky Town 3bc6d17a51dc

Konsuela Gold
Spooky Town Cb91c9e53942

Dominiks Belluči Her friend
Spooky Town D9fa1526d177

Mary Magdalene
Spooky Town Baef259e3046

Spooky Town 853896adb66c

Evelīna Holštein
Spooky Town Ea1643bcc498

Asnate Zelda
Spooky Town 053d06093616

Sandra Lefarž
Spooky Town 97da756258b0

Rolands Ambrozio
Spooky Town D99f42ee3f8c

Evil boss Andželika d.Annuncio
Spooky Town 20d81aff5af8

Black Widow Sibilla Good
Spooky Town 3b4ad960f4a7

Žaks - maid
Spooky Town 10e4cc041e28

Lorenco Ambrozio
Spooky Town 9d2501605e03

Maid Mimi
Spooky Town 448f59081156


Luive Destiny - For Spooky Town
by PlayerMttjms
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Suzy Bewitched, teen, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Her grandmam, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Gypsy families:

Lubov Gasperovic, mother, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Baro Anton Gasperovic, father, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Antes Gasperovic, child, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Vanda Gasperovic, child, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Carmen Gasperovic, teen, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Kate Bimbar, grandmam, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Floren Bimbar, her spouse, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Sando Bombar, teen, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Single gypsy:

Sarina Avramenko, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Harold Musta, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Two really evil people
Irene Beasty, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Tobiass Trend, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Sourcerer and witch with doughter
Father, Arno Blackwood, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Mother,Selma Blackwood, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Ailin Blackwood, teen, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Forest people:

Silva Forest, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

John Bigoak, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Mummy!, by Simona999
Spooky Town Large

Joachim The Were, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Sir Frankenstein, by Simona999
Spooky Town Headshot_large

- by Pittiplatsch93
Spooky Town Large

Addams Family
by bergcrys
Spooky Town Large

Addams Family
by kitkris13
Spooky Town Large

The Addams Family
by scoggin22
Spooky Town Large

by SpazzAttk
Spooky Town Large

Barnaclebeard's Crew
by okester
Spooky Town Large

Buzz Lightyear and *****
by Rubysim
Spooky Town Large

by Silus
Spooky Town Large

by serenablondie
Spooky Town Large

Disney Princess House 2
by Mindy0526
Spooky Town Large

Dr. Lustbrood
by xkhimairax
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Elizabeth Frankenstein
by dabesta
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Flora Guard
by Coriemorrie
Spooky Town Large

Halloween Ideas
by chart63
Spooky Town Large

The gang from the "''Wizard of Oz"''
by Iceborg
Spooky Town Large

by dabesta
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Mary Witchly
by OneBlueSim
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Mideval Men
by OnlineSimsTutor
Spooky Town Large

mummy family
by ionastewart
Spooky Town Large

Murder At Sea, A Who-dunnit mystery
by HoodooWoman
Spooky Town Large

Nelly Blackheart
by dabesta
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Non-Under-Bridge Troll - male
by mouchas
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Old Witch
by MrHawk
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Perfect Pirate Family
by OnlineSimsTutor
Spooky Town Large

by ryba27
Spooky Town Large

by Druscylla
Spooky Town Headshot_large

Robots ..
by lottelotta
Spooky Town Large

Ship GoodHope
by Hakeber
Spooky Town Large

Spooky Town Headshot_large

The Weaver Witchery
by spartan1
Spooky Town Large

Vampire Princess
by Diamondkool
Spooky Town Headshot_large

van Helsing
by lona381
Spooky Town Large

by OneBlueSim
Spooky Town Large

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
by auntielynds
Spooky Town Large

Perfect Halloween Ghost Family
by 24felix
Spooky Town Large

Cat Black Ghost
by 24felix
Spooky Town Large

Commercial Lots
Book Store
Day Spa
Movie Theater
City Hall
Business Building
Military Base
Science Center
Sports Stadium
Criminal Hideout
Police Station

Art Gallery

Fire House
Consignment Shop

Pumpkin Patch
Gypsy Carnival
Vampy Night club

Parks, including Fishing Holes

Did I miss anything?

******Halloween CC ******
I know there's more out there. As I find more I'll add to the list. If you've seen some post here and let me know, and I'll pop it into this post so everyone can enjoy!

******Objects & Furniture******
Skeleton Ground Breaker, by Fire @ CS3
Spooky Town Ogdzwl

Cemetary Hanging Tree by Fire @ CS3
Spooky Town Rle51v

Monster Tree by Fire @ CS3
Spooky Town 21sheb

Spooky Skeloton Statue by Fire & Jynx@ CS3
Spooky Town 2mww4g4

Pumpkin by Fresh Prince @ MTS
Spooky Town 24e0sxt

Halloween Downloads @ TSR
Spooky Town 29bkdw0

The 13th Sim. This is just a fraction of what Syren has created for the sims 3. Dead bodies, blood spatter, dead trees, and much more.
Spooky Town Wss5ls


Halloween Patterns by TradgedyAnne420 @ MTS
Spooky Town 34988rb

******Hair, Hats, & Makeup******

Halloween Costum Makeup by Kiara24 @ MTS
Spooky Town 4pulww

Warriors Leather Jackets by Jynx @ CS3
Spooky Town 5wgf7t


Mafalda Sister's House, 60x60; MTS, by Bima276
Spooky Town 2dhe4o5

The Gothic Quarter, 24x40, by Suzetter @ CS3
Spooky Town 153lhxc
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PostSubject: Re: Spooky Town   Spooky Town EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 10:41 pm

Spooky Town Screen10
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PostSubject: Re: Spooky Town   Spooky Town Empty

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Spooky Town
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