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 Castle Keep

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PostSubject: Castle Keep    Castle Keep  EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 9:49 pm

Castle Keep Showcase Thread with Final Version

Castle Keep  35buyci

This is for builders who would like to create medieval style residential and commercial lots for this world. My imagination is running on empty so I thought the little fiefdom would have a much more diverse feel if there were more than one builder.

There are just a few rules I'll ask you to follow to keep everything consistent.

No Custom Content............I know, bummer right? Well a lot of people don't like to download something that has CC that they don't know where it came from. If you have a truly brilliant idea for a lot, but it must contain CC, build it and we will put it in the list of alternative lots available to download separately.

Lot Naming..........The lot name must have the address so I know where it goes. I've already done all the lot names. We can discuss it on a lot by lot basis. If it's a park we certainly want it named something other than it's address.

Lot Descriptions............All lots should start out with the creator so, Built by____________.
Residential Lots: # of bedrooms, # of beds # of cribs.
# of bathrooms
wether it's sparsely furnished or completely decorated. In order to make some houses available as starters you can only furnish them with the basic stuff

Commercial Lots: List what there is to do there, skill builders available,shopping and what kind. Also include what needs can be meet there, for instance, restrooms, kitchenette.

By all means if you'd like to add a more elaborate description of the interior, be my guest.

What can you use to build? ................base game and WA and Riverview. Like I said no custom content. No HELS. You can use buydebug stuff.

Claim your lot!..............After you download the build template you can peruse the unfinished lots on the map. They all have address lines and if there is something specific I want in that spot I've included that in the description, Park, Church, Shopping, ect. After you've chosen your lot come back here and make a post claiming your lot with the address. I will then add your name to the address list. Before you post be sure to check availability in the address list and on prior posts if I haven't updated right away.

One lot at a time, no hogging.

You will have 5 days from that point to post a progress report here, if I don't hear from you I'll assume real life has taken precedence, and you were unable to do anything. The lot will then become available again. You don't need to finish in 5 days, just let me know your working on it .

Submitting Your Lot.......... Once a lot has been completed post an entry in this thread with a link to the download (preferably from the Exchange). It would be nice if you'd post a picture or two of the lot for everyone to see and comment on. Make sure you don't break the thread though (Max 640 pixels width).

Deadlines...............No deadlines, we go till we are finished!

What If I Build A Lot And It Doesn't Appear In the release?
Don't worry. Even if your contribution doesn't make it to the official release (due to any number of reasons), I will set up a lot list in the Castle Keep thread and from there every single lot that was created for this town will be available as alternate downloads for the given lot.

For people who are downloading with the intention of playing this world, I'd strongly advise you not to. It's not finished, it hasn't been play tested,there are no spawners and there are still routing issues that need to be sorted out. If you want to help out and report any bugs you find, floating trees, routing problems, terrain issues, ect. you can report here to my official thread. Also, any suggestions you have would be welcome.

If you have any questions, If I've forgotten to cover something, leave me a post. I'll be checking here often. I'm on PST(Pacific Standard Time) and I'm usually always online between 8pm and 1am. I will of course check periodically throughout the day. You can also send me a personal message here on TS3 Builders Forum, we can even meet at the chat box at a certain time.

Update 4/26: Well, this is interesting. I went back to my earlier version of the file, put in all the addresses, fixed a couple of lot issues, and rebuilt routing data. I exported and installed in game, saved and quit, and reopened with no problems, so I uninstalled it. I went back into CAW, took the same file and changed the description, and the .png image, saved and did the whole reinstall again just to make sure, and guess what? It wouldn't open back up on the second attempt to open the world with the same error message. Why would just changing those two things have any effect? I didn't even save as something else. I went back and changed the .png and description back to what it was, and went through the steps again, and Wa-La, it works.scratch

Here's the file again, after you install, do a save and quit, and then make sure you can get back into it.

You only need to download one of these. The .rar is compressed so you will need an extractor to open it up like winrar. The Sims 3 Pack is a larger file, but it's ready to go once you download.

I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with!

Happy Building!

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PostSubject: Re: Castle Keep    Castle Keep  EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 9:49 pm

I will put the link to the download in the name of the lot when completed. we can all fill in our maps as we go, what fun!

I've put an * in front of the lots not included on the second map, so you can download and add to your map.

New Lots Added 5/05

*100 Quigley Lane Orhanage - Whamm -Completed
*The Orphans to go with it!

102 Quigley Lane - Science Bldg- Wkhamm-Completed

*103 Quigley Lane - The School - Whamm - Completed

101 Quigley Lane - Playground - Completed

799 Friar's Way

800 Friar's Way

801 Friar's Way

*802 Friar's Way The Dome Theater- Lucindra - 5/7 - Completed

*803 Friar's Way - Bounty Park- Pary - Completed

804 Friar's Way - The gym - Whamm- Completed

805 Friar's Way

The Gate House

*[url=]100 Canyon Road[/url] - JenC - Completed

101 Canyon Road

The Forest Lot on the Hill

Badlands Lot #1 - Completed

*Badlands Lot #2, The Mage Tower - Euka - Completed

*[url=]Badlands Lot #3[/url] - JenC - Completed

Badlands Lot #4

Badlands Lot #5

Secret Beach


Lords Castle, Kings Way - Flamwizo, 4/26

210 W. High St

220 W. High St. - Completed

230 W. High St. - Under Construction

240 W. High St. - Completed

250 W. High St.

110 E. High St. - Completed

115 E. High St. , Library - Completed

120 E. High St.

125 E. High St.

132 Victoria Terrace

135 Victoria Terrace

144 Victoria Terrace - Completed

147 Victoria Terrace - Completed

156 Victoria Terrace - Pinklady1 5/1 - Completed

159 Victoria Terrace - Completed

143 E. Abbey Hill Road - 99089 5/02 - Completed

[url=]151 E. Abbey Hill Road[/url] - JenC 5/04 Completed

165 E. Abbey Hill Road

*212 W Abbey Hill Road Art Gallery & Curiosity Shop - Wkhamm - Completed

215 W. Abbey Hill Road - Completed

224 W. Abbey Hill Road - Completed

225 W. Abbey Hill Road - Completed

235 W. Abbey Hill Road

236 W. Abbey Hill Road - Completed

101 E. Castlegate Road - Completed

108 E. Castlegate Road

109 E. Castlegate Road - Completed

116 E. Castlegate Road - Completed

117 E. Castlegate Road - Completed

*[url=]124 E. Castlegate Road[/url] - JenC = Completed

200 W. Castlegate Road - Completed

218 W. Castlegate Road - Completed

226 W. Castlegate Road

234 W. Castlegate Road - Matkan 5/01 Completed


*1200 Market St. - Cathedral and Mausoleum - Wkhamm 5/7 - Completed

*1317 Market St. Bookstore & Grocery Store- Meresimp

*1321 Market St. Ye Olde Town Hall - under construction

1400 Market St.

2310 Market St. - Wkhamm 5/02 - Completed

2316 Market St. The Inn - Meresimp 5/02 Completed

DrumClog Bath House, 2322 Market St. - Eukalicious 4/29 - Completed

2324 Market St.

Seedy Tavern - Completed

1100 Victoria's Circle - Wkham 5/03

1102 Victoria's Circle - Completed

1104 Victoria's Circle - The black smiths with a residence on top - Debbi2quilts - Completed

1106 Victoria's Circle The Art School - Wkhamm Completed

2107 Victoria's Circle - The Bistro - JenC - Completed

2109 Victoria's Circle - The Spa

1113 Victoria's Circle - Wkhamm 5/02 - Completed

2311 Fisherman's Walk - Murrinwold 4/26 - Completed

*2315 Fisherman's Walk, Family Home - Meresimp - Completed

2317 Fisherman's Walk - Completed

2321 Fisherman's Walk - under construction

2323 Fisherman's Walk - merrinwold 5/01 - Completed

2325 Fisherman's Walk - Murrinwold 4/28 - Completed

* 1323 Captains Way - 99089 - Completed

1324 Captains Way - Completed

*1325 Captains Way - Murrinwold - Completed

1326 Captains Way - Completed

2319 Captains Way - Debbi2qlts - Completed

2321 Captains Way -

2400 Gull Loop - Completed

2402 Gull Loop - Completed

2313 Seaview Lane - Pary - Completed

*[url=]2406 Seaview Lane - Cottage[/url] - JenC - Completed

2414 Seaview Lane

2417 Seaview Lane

2421 Seaview Lane - Ks_0 5/05 - Completed

Fisherman's Warf - murrinwold 5/01

2422 Seaview Lane - Hazelmy - Completed

Farming Lots

Castle Road Market - under construction

Jousting Arena - Completed

Crossroads Pub - Completed

12 Olde Lake Road

54 Old lake Road - Completed

62 Old Lake Road - Completed

59 Old Lake Road

Valley View Estates - JenC

133 Old Lake Road - Completed

*Farm Lot # 1 - Rflong7 - Completed

*Farm Lot #2 - Hazelmy - Completed

Nectar Peasant Farm- Eukalicious 4/29 - Completed

Riverfront Community Church - Meresimp - Completed

*Lake View Manor = Rflong7 - Completed

*Aspen Wood Hill - Monastery - Wkhamm 5/03 - Completed
The Monks to go with it!

Border Stronghold - Completed

Wild Wood Lots

Wild Wood Clearing - Pary 4/26 - Completed

*Wild Wood Hill - Euka 5/07 - Completed

Wild Wood Cabin - Completed

Seaview Manor - Hazelmy

Withches Hut/Hospital - Completed

Misc. Lots

Troll Swamp Hut - Hazelmy - Completed

*Troll Swamp Park - Hazelmy 4/30 - Completed

Badlands Hill - Mattkan 5/03

Observatory - Completed

Gull Island Lighthouse - Wkhamm 5/01 - Completed
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PostSubject: Re: Castle Keep    Castle Keep  EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 9:51 pm

This post is still under construction
Castle Keep  Compute-9
Castle Keep

a Medieval Fiefdom

I'll be keeping this as an exclusive to TS3 Creators Consortium for a week hoping everyone here will give me feedback on any issues that arise while you play the map. This is my first World so there are some known issues that cannot be avoided at this point unless I start over. There will be a section in the second post for known issues.
Castle Keep  Screen10

I'd like to thank all the wonderful people who helped build all the lots. We had a great time collaborating on this project, and I've made some wonderful Sim friends.The third post will have credits and a photo gallery of Castle Keep.

Castle Keep was built on a medium map
122 lots
No Custom Content
World Adventures Recommended,
but not required

You'll get a lot of Oak Trees
instead of clumps of long grass.

You only need to download one of these. The .zip is compressed so you will need an extractor to open it up like winrar. The Sims 3 Pack is a larger file, but it's ready to go once you download.
Mediafire is directing you to an ad first, you need to click on the link underneath the ad for the asset to go to the download page
*********Final Version**********
Castle Keep.Sims3Pack
*****Uploaded July 10th 2010*****

Check out the second post. I'll be updating with Alternative Lots, Ambitions Lots, and Choose a Castle section. I'll also be listing links to Medieval Custom Content you may find interesting. The Jousting Arena is a separate download due to the fact that if I placed it in Caw, it floods with water.

Castle Keep  Screen12

Castle Keep  Screen11

Castle Keep  Screen13

Castle Keep  Screen15

The Wizards Tower was built by Euka here at TS3CC
Castle Keep  Screen16
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PostSubject: Re: Castle Keep    Castle Keep  EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 9:52 pm

*********Missing Lots*********
Jousting Arena
Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

Evil Badlands Castle by Clayworld
Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

*********Choose a Castle!*********

Valley View Estates By JenC
Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

Castle of Darkness by Arkhaden
Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

My Lords Castle by Clayworld
Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

*********Ambitions Lots*********

Badlands Junkyard & Salvage by Clayworld

Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

Seaside Wash by Wkhamm
Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

Badlands Mine by Clayworld
Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

Victoria's Circle Salon by Clayworld
Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

Friar's Way Consignment Shop by Clayworld
Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

Fire House by Auntielynds
Castle Keep  Roof_up_large

*********Links to Medieval Custom Content*********

Mod the Sims Medieval Challenge Downloads
5 pages of medieval downloads including lots, cloths, wall hangings, swords, and shields, and even a guillotine! Fun stuff, don't forget to thank the creators if you download anything.

Sims 3 Content List:Historical at Sims Wiki
This has some great finds, but beware, TSR stuff is listed, buyer beware!

All About Style
This has mainly Victorian era clothing, but some of the pieces will work well for medieval.

Medieval Replacement Careers at Sim Verses
Did you ever want your sim to be a Knight? Maybe even a Duke, or Alchemist. Why not a Minstrel? Now you can with this fun career replacement.

Custom Rabbit Hole Rugs by Jynx at CS3
Get rid of those pesky rabbitholes in the basement with these lovely rugs you can place anywhere in the building.

Mens Longer Hair at MTS

Magic Items conversion from Apartment Life
Also from MTS, this has some fun stuff including a couple of Thrones, a Glass Ball, and Cauldron.

Kiara24's page at MTS
I already listed some of Kiara24's creations, but there are more here.

Pirate Queen clothing conversion by Kiara24
I'm not sure if this is on her MTS page, so here it is at Sim Supply.

Parsimonious Sims 3 Fashion
Corsets, bloomers, long skirts here.

Magnemoe page at MTS
Skirt with apron here and earrings for pirates here.

Carpool Disabler by Buzzler
Another offering at MTS.

Wood-toned Parking Spot
Well, they didn't have rubber or asphalt back then. Laughing

Elven Sims at Bog Sims

If you find anything else, leave me a post and I'll pop it in here so everyone can enjoy.

Also, don't forget to leave a thank you if you download any of these creators custom content.

Newly Added
Corset top Sims2 Conversion, by Kiara24 at Sim Supply
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PostSubject: Re: Castle Keep    Castle Keep  EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 9:53 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Castle Keep    Castle Keep  EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 10:23 am

I can't believe I never saw this! Nor the other world, Spooky Town. Daisylee talks about Spooky Town so much I though she'd CASed it! These worlds are so cool! Beautiful! My worlds got cleaned out when I did a reinstall of Store CC to get the lemon tree and purple eggplant back in my game. Should have just left things alone cause it messed up my store cc and worlds but they needed to be cleaned up cause now that folder looks better. No more 1' or 2' after the world names. Anyway I'm glad I found these worlds. thumbs up 
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PostSubject: Re: Castle Keep    Castle Keep  Empty

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Castle Keep
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