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 Rags to Riches Challenge

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PostSubject: Rags to Riches Challenge   Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:55 pm

This looks like an interesting challenge. I think I'll give it a try. Now I just have to decide which world to use.

Rags to Riches Challenge

Edit by EQ: This challenge has been reviewed and updated for Seasons.
Rain In My Shoes: Rags to Riches Revised for Seasons

Quote :
Create a hobo Sim any gender and place them in a world that is new to yourself. That's important because it would be too easy when you know where the spawners and wild plants are.

Set this Sim on an empty lot and drop his funds to zero Simoleons! You can do this with the familyfunds cheat. Type in testingCheatsEnabled true then familyFunds Family name =funds remaining.

Here are the rules:

Things that are NOT ALLOWED:

- Don't give your Sim a home at the beginning. Of course you have to place him on a lot in order to play him but it has to be empty!

- don't get the Sim a job. A hobo has no chance to get one (well at least not in Germany). This rule becomes obsolete once the Sim has enough money to buy a house or move into an apartment.

- don't use any BBQ grill. Sims magically get hot dogs out of nowhere and they don't even need to pay for it. That's not realistic and therefore forbidden.
UPDATE: You can barbecue food which your Sim has gotten in a legal way (i.e caught fish, sausages he bought at the supermarket).

- don't let him live in a doss house, public cabin or public lodge (Anne Arbor has one) because that would be the same as living in his own house. It wouldn't be a challenge anymore.

- no taxi or subway rides until his/her funds reach $500 because they are not free in the real world.

- Don't use money trees. That's not realistic.

- Your Sim may not cook a meal when some of the ingredients are missing. I admit this rule is cumbersome so I offer a compromise. This rule becomes obsolete once your household has more than one member. You cannot control all Sims every time and so it's very likely that someone cooks a meal when you're just not watching. A second way to make this rule obsolete is a business partnership with a supermarket.

- Watch out for your Sim not getting any celebrity status as long as he is poor.


- You can give your Sim the mooch trait so he can rummage trashcans and beg for food.

- If you like you can also create a homeless couple or a homeless adult with child(ren).

- Collect gems, metals, seeds, insects, fruits, veggies, fishes

- Sell those items that you can in the consignment shop. Sell the remaining items from your inventory. You can also sell fruits, veggies and fish at the supermarket or from your inventory but you get much more profit when you give it to the consignor.

- Sell insects at the lab to gain more profit.

- Get self employed once you have a seed money of $5,000 or more AND a home (gardener, sculptor, painter, inventor, writer).

- Use showers and toilets on community lots.

- Get your hobo Sim a sleeping bag (Generations EP required)

- Steal fruits from any garden to fight off the hunger.

- Eat at a Diner once your Sim can afford it.

- Once your Sim has made enough money to buy a house then do so.

- Once he has a house you can get him a regular job and send him to the stylist. On the other hand do some calculation. My hobo earned over $16,000 in just three days just from collecting gems and metals and selling these at the Consignment Store and selling insects at the lab! Now tell me which job brings that much money!

- Your Sim can take opportunities to make extra money.

- Your Sim can have any pet as long as he can afford it (will pet food cost money? We'll see. I will update this rule as necessary). It could, for example, be a stray dog which helps your Sim to find things to sell.

- What about love? Of course, also hobos need it! However no rich girl would ever date a hobo, would she? But imagine there's another hobo in the world - awfully poor and lonely, yearning for someone who loves her/him. You see how easily another great story arises here?

Wait, we're not done yet. The story's title is from rags-to-riches. So we're far from done. Now that your Sim's life has become a regular one you can do whatever you like to make him a millionaire. Buy bigger homes, buy more expensive furniture and so on.

Hint for the start: The most important things to do at the beginning are: Search for food and a public toilet. The next step is to search for something you can sell. Being in a world which you (the player) don't know is a challenge itself. On the upside there's no better opportunity to get to know the world. You'll explore edges where no usual Sim would ever go to.

And remember: The journey is the reward! Once your Sim has it all it gets boring. Take your time, have fun and don't cheat.
Edited for clarity and spelling.

I suggest that you read the version on TS3 and all posts in this thread before beginning to be sure you have all of the rules.


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Rags to Riches Challenge
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