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 Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)

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PostSubject: Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)   Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:36 pm

Sims Rest Home Challenge

In this challenge your home lot is your households business and livelihood.
The Business partners run the Sims Rest Home with each one having specific jobs that entail specific tasks. The Sims Rest Home generates income by moving in Elderly Residents, this allows the Business Partners to gain income from the new Elderly Resident in the form of an initial down payment (money gained from moving in), sale of objects in inventory (Laptops, cars ect), income from pension or self employed career (see rules). All income brought into the lot is considered part of the Business Partner earnings. When an Elderly Resident passes on and a room is vacant another Elderly Resident can be moved into the vacancy. Below are links to the Business Partners and the Sims Rest Home.

Business Partners
Exchange Link :-

Business Lot
Exchange Link :-

TS3CC Sims Page :-

TS3CC Builds page :-

Sims Rest Home

Elderly Residents and Business Partners

If you choose to create your own rest home use the follow criteria

The Build Cost cannot exceed 100,000 Simoleons (furnished).
The main building must have 6 Elder Residents rooms each one has a single bed, one end table, one single seat couch and one hobby object (easel, guitar ect. Players choice.)
There must be a shared kitchen and dinning room. (no separate kitchens or dinning on the lot except an outdoor setting if wanted).
The Business Partners have individual or a shared bedroom/s that can be separate or not to the main building, they may have a shared living area and bathroom attached to their bedroom area but no kitchen.
The main building must have a shared living area, exercise area (can be in living room), a reception area with counters and a desk. There must also be an office with a bookcase desk and at least one single seater couch.
There can be only two computers on the lot one in the reception and one in the office. Sims can carry laptop computers.
The rest home vehicle must be a Wornado Triage (white is preferable).
The remainder of the lot can be decorated as the player sees fit, activity/skill build objects cannot be purchased for decorating example : a pool table cannot be bought to decorate your living room. (One of the challenge goals is upgrading the property so the property must be at a basic level when the challenge starts).
See Sims Rest Home on my builds page for an example of a challenge legal layout.

To create your own Business Partners follow this criteria

The Business Partners can only start with 4 householders, each member must fill one of the starting roles.
There are only two fully active task roles in this challenge the Doctor and the Nurse. The other roles are secondary and they make up the elderly in the rest home.
Other members can be added from the neighbourhood population after the challenge starts.
You can have up to two pets however they will take up spots for elderly residence reducing the business partners income.

Business Partner Traits

The Business Partners must take these traits and Life time wishes (LTW) according to their designated job any left over traits can be chosen by the player.

Traits:- Artistic, Charismatic, Friendly, Schmoozer**** LTW:- Super-popular

Traits:- Good, Natural Cook, Neat **** LTW:- Professional Author

Elderly Resident
Traits:- Three positive, Two negative **** LTW:- player choice. (Traits example: Positive/Artistic, Bookworm, Lucky, Negative/Absent-minded, Clumsy)

These are the guide lines that must be followed during the challenge.

The first thing that must be done is the life span needs to be changed to normal, the young adult and adult sliders are moved to their highest setting (which should be 42 each) the Elderly age setting should be moved down to 15. The active household must opt out of the celebrity system. These adjustments are done from the options menu.

The Rest Home Vehicle (Wornado Triage) cannot be sold. Two other vehicles can be owned but never more then three including the Wornado Triage.

The Doctor and Nurse must both register as self employed Writer career as soon as possible.

The Elderly Residents can register as self employed in the following fields, Writer, Painter, Inventor, Sculptor, Alchemist, Gardener and Nectar Maker. Any new Elderly Residents with current employment other then the above mentioned self employed careers can either retire or take on an above mentioned self employed career players choice. Residents can only be made to work for 4 hours a day after that they can only work if chosen through free will.

Your Business Partners should not have more then 5,000 after buying the lot. This extra cash is used for paying bills until the Sims Rest Home begins to produce income. Any excess Simoleons can be donated to a charity by the Nurse via the letter box.

The Sims Rest Home can never have more then 3 workers at a time (start with 2 so 1 more can be added this can only be an extra Nurse, they must be moved in from the neighbourhood population.)

The Sims Rest Home cannot have more then 2 pets (no horses allowed, pets will reduce potential income).

Elderly Residents and an extra business partner can only be moved in through social interaction as per the EA unmodified game mechanics, cheats and mods cannot be used to influence social interactions. ATM Age transition is not allowed to be induced by the player, not through birthday cakes, console commands or mods. (The availability of Elderly in a new population needs to be tested.)

When moving in an Elder if they have an Elder partner (husband/wife) and they are also an Elder they can be move in together.

No cheats allowed except when needed to fix game related issues or to view statistics.

The Genie Lamp, Inheritance and No Bills Life time reward cannot be used.

When upgrading the property Items that are upgraded can be sold, items cannot be downgraded.

You can play in any world you choose.

Your Sims can take holidays (except Elderly Residents) and use items purchased from holiday destinations.

The Sims Rest Home are all house mates and relationships outside of work hours are allowed. They begin the challenge with no relationships.

Income can be earned from the following

Moving in new Elderly Residents.
Selling objects from the backpack of Elderly Residents.
Selling skill objects created by Elderly Residents.
Pension or self employed career income from Elderly Residents.
Self employed income from Nurse (writer career)
Self employed income from Doctor (writer career)
Opportunities completed as per the rules.
Business investments made by Doctor.

Income cannot be earned from the following
Gifted items, they can be used (unless excluded by other rules) but not sold.
Opportunities that do not fall into the rule guide lines.
Part time work.
Cheat codes.
Any income that is gained but is considered illegal by the rules can be donated by the Nurse to any charity via the mailbox. This cannot be exploited to gain the charitable moodlet doing so ends the challenge, it is only to correct mistakes through illegal income.
Activities like mining, collecting, can only be performed outside of work hours.

Work Tasks

In this challenge only the Doctor and Nurse have specific work task (If taking on an extra partner to the business they take on the role as an extra nurse). The Elder Residents can be left to run on free will however they must have their needs tended to. The player can control them in anyway they wish but if an Elderly Resident dies due to neglect or mistreatment on the players part the challenge ends. Following the Work Schedule only work related tasks can be preformed from work start time until work end time. During this time the Doctor is permitted to help the Nurse in any of her/his tasks as long as the Doctor has no impending tasks themselves. The Elderly Residents should be stopped from preforming any of the Doctor or Nurse tasks they may self initiate when possible.

Following are the tasks for the Doctor and Nurse they are ordered in priority. The Doctor and Nurse can only perform work related opportunities during their work time. You can take on another partner and split the work schedule between both Nurses giving them both time off. The Elderly Residents can do any opportunities that does not remove them from the neighbourhood, no vacation opportunities.

Doctor :- Writing novels (Medical Reports), socialising with Elderly Residents, Befriending potential Elderly Residents and their families, Hosting parties to encourage potential Elderly Residents and their families, Buying and managing Business investments, Helping to maintain the Nurses tasks.

Nurse :- Cooking meals (serve breakfast and dinner, lunch if there are not enough leftovers), Cleaning Sims Rest Home, Maintenance of Sims Rest Home (repairs), Writing novels (Medical Histories), Socialising with Elderly Residents.

Work Related Opportunities

Doctor : Writer career and Charisma (including these opportunities in vacation worlds)
Nurse : Writer career and Handiness (including these opportunities in vacation worlds)

When either the Doctor or Nurse wish to complete an opportunity the other Sim has to remain at the Sims Rest Home until they return.

Work Schedule
This work schedule only applies to the Doctor and Nurse the Elderly Residents do not follow a time schedule.

6:30 am : Wake, toilet shower, Doctor cleans and repairs toilets showers if needed, otherwise sees to Elderly Residents. Nurse cooks breakfast calls everyone to meal.

Both follow tasks according to priority, tasks do not have to be completed before moving to another task (except cleaning, cooking and repairs) but at least 2 hours must be spent on the task before moving on.

4:00 pm : This is the end of work time, the Doctor and Nurse are free to do as they wish however the Nurse has one last cooking task for dinner, any cleaning or repairs must be done as soon as possible but can be done by the Doctor or Nurse. If the Doctor or Nurse wish to preform non work related opportunities at this time one of them has to remain at the Sims rest home while the other completes their opportunity. Either the Nurse or the Doctor must remain on the lot at all time unless taking the Elderly Residents on an outing. If on an outing the entire household must go together.

Work Time: Monday - Friday, 6:30am – 4pm. The Doctor has Saturday as a day off and can do anything the player chooses (this becomes Saturday and Sunday if there are two Nurses splitting the Nurse work schedule). Sunday is the Nurses day off and can do anything the payer chooses on Sunday the Doctor takes over the tasks of the Nurse (unless splitting the Nurse schedule between two Nurse partners). The Business Partners must go to bed at 10:00 pm on nights before they work (Doctor :Saturday to Thursday / Nurse: Sunday to Friday).

1. When the company as a whole has accumulated 100,000 for each partner (2 partners = 200,000, 3 partners = 300,000).
2. When the company as a whole own outright a local community business per partner of a value no less then 50,000 for each business [cheaper business can been bought and added together to make up 50,000 equalling one rules legal business] (2 partners 2 business, 3 partners 3 businesses [not including the Sims Rest Home]).
3. Each partner must complete their LTW.
4. The Sims Rest Home Lot must be upgraded by 50,000 Simoleons/Business Partner (2 partners = 100,000, 3 Partners = 150,000).

If an Elderly Residents dies from mistreatment or neglecting their needs the challenge ends.

When all of these goals are completed the challenge is over and the player has succeeded.

There may be changes made to this so check back often for updates

Originated by LMFAO

Thanx TS3CC "crew" for helping the community in general Smile

Hope You Enjoy

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PostSubject: Re: Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)   Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:33 pm

Going to give this a good read. Will look at it closer when I finish the Miner challenge.
BTW: Would love to see a thread on your progress thru these challenges.
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PostSubject: Re: Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)   Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:41 pm

lol I will be doing so, between testing and building I keep forgetting to take pics. But i do plan to I have to get back to the Mining business especially armed with your tips Smile and I am getting a good idea of how to set out a great story reading the threads you, BG and MW are posting. The rest home one I started three different times to get an idea of how many elderly where available from a new town start. The first go I couldn't find any for 5 days so started again lol but the other 2 times I found them in no time, so it's one thing I need to test not sure if I just lucked out the first time or didn't look hard enough.
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PostSubject: Re: Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)   Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:11 pm

Marked this thread for the future. I will add it to the index when it has been tested a bit more.


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PostSubject: Re: Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)   Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:37 am

Hmm Elders available in a new save will need some testing. Probably depends on the town. Majority of player created towns are unpopulated so not sure how long it would take to generate enough elders.
If you have Twallan's MasterController you can check the population for elders.
Not everyone likes to use mods so that may not be an option for everyone.
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PostSubject: Re: Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)   Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:57 am

If it is a problem, with not enough or any elders, the solution I normally use is to move in an adult and then age transition them but I am bit unsure how that would go in a challenge as in if it could be used as an exploit (although from testing there are some wealthy elders in the town) that is why I didn't include it in the rules yet. Because the young adult and adult age are increased for the doctor and nurse it will take the towns adult population longer to age up as well. But like I said it was my first run through as a challenge so i may have been focusing elsewhere and just not looked hard enough.
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PostSubject: Re: Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)   Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:08 am

Might also consider Elder Couples to be fair and not break up families.
I am supposed to be working Whistle right now but will consider setting this up for a quick run later this week.
Would it be a rule to always start in a brand new town? Or would it be 'legal' to use the "Copy Town" option from the Main Menu. That would allow the player to use a pre-customized version of a town. I hate starting new saves when I have gone to the trouble of placing (replacing) the Ambitions and / or Pets - Showtime lots.
But a brand new save all around would not give any unfair advantage.
Got to get to work now so I can keep making money for more Sims stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)   Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:28 am

@ EQ Previously used worlds would be much better, I don't think there is a great deal of advantage in it, the majority of the work is actually moving them in. It would be good to test that anyway and see if it might create an advantage or not. I can't really see an advantage to the age transition either, once there are all the Elders you want living there the move in and backpack income bonus wont apply for a while. It would reduce the time it takes you to find elders but have no effect on moving them in, if everyone has the same advantage I suppose no one really has an advantage.

Edit :- @EQ moving a couple in together is fine I should include that, if you move in an Elder and they have an Elder partner then they can be moved in. This can be a problem when using age transition with children in families and such.
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PostSubject: Re: Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)   

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Sims Rest Home Challenge (Testers Wanted)
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