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 Textures: New CAW textures pack by Nilxis

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PostSubject: Textures: New CAW textures pack by Nilxis   Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:08 am

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New CAW textures pack by Nilxis

@Nilxis wrote:
Hi everybody :D

I bring you a pack of 11 new CAW textures. All the textures are recolors of EA's ones. Some of the textures I've recolored were extracted by Martine and MrCrumplebottom1, so thanks to both. All the textures are .dds files.

Now I'm gonna show you the different textures and some info about them.

These two textures can be mixed to create a realistic tropical or mediterranean beach. The water texture looks a lot like Martine's one, but mine is a bit darker and more blue. The other texture can be used to create seaweed zones or coral reefs.

These ones are a darkened version of CAW's base grass.

If you have the white and volcanic sand textures from my previous pack, download these new ones because they look nicer than the other ones.

These are the textures I created for my world Saaqartoq, they're recolors of CAW's base grass. The sand texture is a mix of CAW's dark sand darkened and Hidden Springs's pebbles texture that MrCrumplebottom1 extracted (here) (The sand texture looks nice in CAW, but in the picture doesn't look very well No )

And finally a lava texture. In the pic I mixed this texture with the texture dirt_charred that CAW has.


I hope you like them Smile
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Textures: New CAW textures pack by Nilxis
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