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 Tutorial: Working with Late Night Apartments by LoCatus

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PostSubject: Tutorial: Working with Late Night Apartments by LoCatus   Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:47 am

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Working with Late Night Apartments by LoCatus

@LoCatus wrote:
Lindawing over at Neighborly Sims 3 put together some nice help for working with apartment buildings with Late night.

Thread Here:Late Night Apartment Base

And Jynx over to Custom Sims has made it possible to use the rest of the late night building shells, Garbage chute and apartment mailbox so we can make proper high rises from scratch.

Thread Here:[Late Night] Useable Building Shells.

[Edit] Working with basements.
If you wish for your high rise to have a basement, the basement MUST be laid down prior to placing the shell over it.

Now for a simple one, where the only access is by using an elevator, Simply dig out the basement and place the shell over it. No fuss no muss, The elevators can be placed in basements as easily as they are on other floors.

Now the "interesting" way where you wish to also have stairs going down to the basement.
This takes planning.. you have to figure out where to place the stairs so they won't interfere with elevator shafts or the hole for them hanging out under the edge of the shell. As both the basement and the stairs have to be in place prior to putting the shell over them.
Dig out the basement put in the stairs, Now moveobjects the shell on to the lot. Cross your fingers and start putting in the elevators. If everything works out like you want, Cool, If not undo until the shell gets removed from the lot and try again.
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Tutorial: Working with Late Night Apartments by LoCatus

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