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 Terrain Texture Links & Interesting Effects

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PostSubject: Terrain Texture Links & Interesting Effects   Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:43 am

Here are the links I know about for CAW terrain textures. If you know of any others post here and I'll pop them in the top post.

Terrain Textures

Martines CAW Textures Megapack
BSI Reginas Terrain paints from Bog Sims Institute
Custom Terrain Paints
Game Extracted Terrain Paints
BsiReginas Thread on her Terrain Textures

University Town Textures & Roads auntielynds @ MTS Added March 2013
Nothing exciting, but here they are. :wink:

Aurora Skies Textures, Roads auntielynds @ MTS Added Feb. 2013

Monte Vista Textures, Roads extracted by 123456123456123456 Mediafire Added Dec. 2012
Monte Vista Textures, Roads, Height Map, Distant Terrain, & ini & Colour Ramps extracted by auntielynds @ MTS

Mr.C's Supernatural Textures & RoadsEA Caw Forum, added Sept. 2012
Moonlight Falls: Textures, Road, Height-Maps extracted by Atakoy @ MTS

Sunlit Tides Textures & Roads - mediafire download

Mr.C's Lucky Palms Textures & Roads EA Caw Forum, added July 2012

Lucky Palms Textures & Roads - box download added June, 2012
Lucky Palms Textures & Roads - mediafire download

Twelve Tempting Terrains by Simmiller @ MTS added April, 2012

Starlight Shores Textures & Roads - mediafire download
Starlight Shores Textures & Roads - box download

Lunar Lakes Textures & Roads - mediafire download

Appaloosa Plains Textures - mediafire download
Appaloosa Plains Textures - box download

I have 47 new textures for you by HturnerP added Sept, 2011
MrCrumplebottom1 HiddenSprings Textures extracted by Mr. Crumplebottom added Aug 28th, 2011
New Grass, Water, and Sand by NILXIS @ Nilixis Sims3 added Feb 7, 2011
Textures Extracted from other EA games by Ouerbacker added Jan 29th, 2011
Broken Tarmac Textures by VampireSim @MTS added Jan. 18th 2011
In this post are distressed, in game textures as well.
CAW Terrain - Simple but useful recolours of EA terrain paints by Armiel @ MTS added Dec. 30th 2010
Late Nights Bridgeport Textures extracted by Drowsapp Added Nov. 2nd 2010
Late Night ,Bridgeport Textures Extracted by Emmies
Ambitions Textures extracted by Drowssap
:!: Beach Rock Texture Pack with matching in game Terrain Paint by HystericalParoxysm @ MTS
These are some of my favorite, go-to textures
130 Custom Textures Pack by Stw405
Horror Texture Pack by Chellemh29 This is her thread
This is the mediafire link to Chellemh29's textures
New Terrain Textures for CAW - Extracted from Ts2! by MrCrumplebottom1 added Sept. 4th
Faerie Grass set by Ghost at CS3 The download for the .dds files is in the third post down.
Matching Sidewalk Tiles: Terrain Paints and Texture Files by Simsimsillion
Snow & Ice Textures from auntielynds added Nov. 2010
Auntielynds Water Textures Folder
My Opacity Folder

Ashillion is in the process of moving these textures to a new blog, I've just linked the new blog, and I'll update once they are all transferred.
Fossil World Terrain pack by Ashillion
Ice age Terrain Pack by Ashillion
Eruption Terrain Pack by Ashillion
Badlands Terrain Pack by Ashillion

Custom Roads

Appaloosa Plains Roads mediafire download
Appaloosa Plains Roads box download
I'll get a pic of roads up soon :D
MrCrumplebottom1 HiddenSprings Roads added Aug. 28th, 2011
English Road Textures! ;D by MrCrumplebottom1 added Jan. 30th, 2011

Bridgeport roads extracted by Emmies Added Nov. 6th 2010

Drowsapp's Snow Tire Track Road

Water_Cat1s French Road Texture, crossing and corner fix, full opacity map, "no detail" map and snow roads

Wyndhane's Custom Roads Pack Pictures halfway down page
Download Link

BSI Reginas Custom Roads from Bog Sims Institute
CAW Custom Roads
CAW Game Extracted Roads

:!: Twinbrook roads extracted by Drowsapp New added Sept 12th;jsessionid=5AA8A328208C915CB8E99325ED63A3A9.015060

Viewing your .dds textures so you don't have to guess

Mystic Thumbs .dds Viewer for Windows
Source Texture Organization

Tutorial on How to make a Custom Road by HturnerP.

Interesting Effects

Adding Egypt Heatwave by Ascarrott

Adding Custom Water or Sky Color by Claeric

Instructions for installing your new textures:

When you download click on save and then download them where you can find them.
Okay now you have your files downloaded I will walk you through putting them into your game. I'll write this for beginners like I was just a few months ago.

Find your files and then open up Windows Explorer.
On the left hand side under Folders, go down to Documents,
then to Electronic Arts,
then to The Sims 3 Create A World,
then to UserToolData.
then click on SourceTextures.
Now just drag and drop the new .dds files into the SourceTextures file.

Make Your Own Textures

If you would like to try your hand at making your own textures here is a link:
The Easy Way to Create Terrain Textures or here is a quick tutorial:

Using Gimp

1. Get gimp, and the .dds plugin. Links here, and how to do the plugin, very easy...

2. Pick a pre-existing texture from your Source Textures File. If you want pink grass, get a grass texture you like. Choose something that's not too dark.

3. Drag and drop this into gimp. you get a pop up like this, un-check the Load mipmaps box.

4. Click on "Colors" on the menu bar, and the "Hue-Saturation"

5. Now you get this pop up and you just mess around with the sliders.

6. Under "File" click on "Save as", and name it, and click "Save".

7. Then just save with these options, and your done.

At this point I always do another "Save as" and save it as a jpeg. now when you are looking for your textures, you can see them.

You can also get your own new textures. Google "Free Seamless Textures" and you'll get a bunch of different sites with interesting textures. Just make sure they are cropped to 1024x1024, or 512x512. You'll lose some detail in the texture if they are 512, but for some textures you only use to highlight it's better to have them at the 512, they are a much smaller file size, which will help lower you're overall world file size.

Easy Peasy :mrgreen:

Obtaining DDS Plug-ins and installation

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Terrain Texture Links & Interesting Effects
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