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 Spring into The Sims 4 Seasons with Millie Bobby Brown

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Spring into The Sims 4 Seasons with Millie Bobby Brown Empty
PostSubject: Spring into The Sims 4 Seasons with Millie Bobby Brown   Spring into The Sims 4 Seasons with Millie Bobby Brown EmptyFri Jul 27, 2018 2:31 pm

In Their Own Words: Millie Bobby Brown
Spring into The Sims 4 Seasons with Millie Bobby Brown
Quoted from the link:
As viewers binge their way through Stranger Things, it’s hard to miss Millie Bobby Brown’s “Eleven” — a mysterious pre-teen gifted with telekinetic abilities. We sat down with Brown to discuss her new role as a Sims Ambassador, as she represents the imaginative power and self-expression of The Sims.
Hi Millie! We’re so honored and excited to have you as a Sims Ambassador. What made you decide to partner with The Sims?
As an actor I’m always finding new ways to express myself. The Sims is so fun because there are no limits! It’s also a world that’s never boring! The player community loves creativity and diversity, which are values I also find very important.
The Sims is all about living in the moment and expressing yourself without boundaries. Do you have any advice for Sims players who want to create an iconic look for their Sim?
The Sims world is an incredible opportunity to explore fashion, hairstyles, and makeup. You can be anyone you want, but the most important thing is to have fun with it!
From rainy London to sunny Los Angeles, you must have experienced drastically different climates in the places you’ve lived. Do you have any tips for looking stylish no matter the weather?
For me, it’s all about feeling good in what you wear and being yourself. I love fashion and playing with both current trends and classic looks. Whether it’s accessorizing with sunglasses or wearing a fun pair of shoes, it’s all about being confident in the look you choose!
Speaking of fashion, your Sim looks fantastic in the new spring looks! What’s your favorite outfit so far from The Sims 4 Seasons?
I love all the looks, but my favorite is the pink shorts look – I like to be comfortable, and this look feels the most like me.
The Sims 4 Seasons features some fun new season-specific holidays. You can also make up your own holidays. If you could invent a holiday that celebrates something you love, what would it be?
Kindness Day—where there’s only love and no hate.
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Spring into The Sims 4 Seasons with Millie Bobby Brown
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