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 Skill Books Missing From Library *Solution*

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PostSubject: Skill Books Missing From Library *Solution*   Sun Jan 31, 2016 5:07 pm

*Except for the Library in Willow Creek there are no skill books in any of the other libraries.
Carefully follow these steps.

**Important to keep from spawning bookcases outside the lot**
Have your Sim go to somewhere near the center of the library and pause the game.
I went into build mode after moving my Sim.
Open the cheat console and type testingcheats on
Next use the following code to Spawn Library Books
objects.gsi_create_obj 0x0000f52e
A special library bookcase will appear near your Sim.
You only need one for the skill books to spawn in all the library shelves.
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Skill Books Missing From Library *Solution*
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