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 Territory Trade List (Sims Medieval)

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PostSubject: Territory Trade List (Sims Medieval)   Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:00 pm

((This is one of my peeves about The Sims Medieval is that they do ask for things, but then I haven't found a way to find this master list in game play - instead you have to go into kingdom mode and look over the alliances information to find out about it. Here's the info that I have found out. I am unsure if these change per quest/ per ambition or w/e. ))

This list is from the 16 Plat Quest Ambition just in case they do change around.

- Trade Info –
Mushroom (2) for wood
Cheese for wood
Wildflowers (6) for Goose Feather
Nightshade (3) for Goose Feather
Magic Powder for Luck Potion
Mysterious Machine Part for Steel Hammer

- Trade Info –
Barley (6) for Gems
Fancy Clothing for Gems
Phosphorus (2) for Magic Powder
Goose Feather (3) for Jeweled Ring
Prisoner for Study Lute

-Trade Info-
Magic Powder (3) for Prisoner
Jeweled Ring (3) for Tablet of the Watcher
Watched Water (2) for Excalipaddle

-Trade Info-
Wood (2) for Fancy Clothing
Mithril (6) for Staff of the Watcher
Goose Feather (5) for Watched Water
Prisoner for Watcher’s Blade

-Trade Info-
Crudium (2) for Scrap Metal
Magic Powder for Strong Health Salve
Mysterious Machine Part (3) for Unicorn Meat

-Trade Info-
Wood (5) for Sleeping Draught
Goose Feather for Mithral
Tablet of the Watcher (2) for Darkstone

-Trade Info-
Adamantle (6) for Precise Scimitar
Tablet of the Watcher for Advortonian Scale
Darkstone (3) for Unicorn Horn

-Trade Info-
Gems for Mithral
Goose Feather (3) for Combustin Cordial
Magic Powder (4) for Mysterious Machine Part

-Trade Info-
Boar Meat for Sausage
Bear Meat for Sausage
Fowl Meat (5) for Sausage
Rabbit Meat (2) for Sausage
Venison for Sausage
Watched Water (5) for Darkstone
Unicorn Meat (5) for Mystical Metal Fragment

-Trade Info-
Tablet of the Watcher (3) for Magical Staff
Darkstone (2) for Flame Sword Enchantment
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PostSubject: Re: Territory Trade List (Sims Medieval)   Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:54 am

I did a new install of Sims Medieval and Pirates and Nobles not long ago.
That means I started over from the first New Beginnings ambition.
I am focusing on getting as many buildings as I can to meet the Plat goal of this ambition.
This list will certainly come in handy for the later quests.
Thank you for sharing.
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PostSubject: Re: Territory Trade List (Sims Medieval)   Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:34 am

I'm glad you posted this information. It will be very helpful.

I've moved this topic to game play.


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PostSubject: Re: Territory Trade List (Sims Medieval)   

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Territory Trade List (Sims Medieval)
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