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 I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge

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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:37 am

Hello and good morning to you all, I say morning as it is 7.42am here in Scotland. The sun is out, but don't let that fool you its brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr freezing here hello6  <---- Me

Day 19

We start the day with some news.

Yes we have another GIRL !!! This is Juliet. I will be honest with you all and say I was hoping for a boy too but hey, we can always try again haha You think Anya would let me try for another?

"Hi Anya, congrats on the baby sweetie"
"Oh, hi Ina, thankyou, we have another beautiful girl"
"I can see that, what are you doing?"
"It's Sid's birthday so I am baking him a chocolate cake"
"Oh ok, will you be aging up Juliet too?"
"Yeah, once i get this done, got to hide it from the kids or they will eat it before Sid gets up then I will have to bake another"

Sid blew out his candles and blew out his back too by the looks of it.

"Happy Birthday honeybear"
"Thankyou my love, now how does it feel being married to an old man?"
"You're not old, older yes, but not old old like wrinkly old"
"You aint seen all of me yet"
"Haha, you are naughty Sid"
"Naughty but nice"
"Hey enough of that talk you 2, there are younger players here"
"Teehee, Ina you could censor it you know"
"I could, but that means going over everything and scoring it out"
"Is that a problem?"
"No, just its easier if you keep your mind clean"
"We will try, no promises though"

After eating their cake Anya and Sid aged up their youngest daughter.

"Hi Juliet, I'm Erika your sister"
"I know who you are"
"Cool, you got blonde hair like me"
"Awww you wanna hug?"

"We will be best friends always"
"Yeah we will Erika"


"Dad how comes you got old?"
"Its how it goes my darlin"
"But mom isnt as old as you?"
"No, not yet. You see Kara, the cirlce of life are born, you become a child, you then get to teen age years, after that there are 2 stages of adulthood, young adult and fully fledged adult, your mom is a fully fledged adult, then you turn to elder, then you die"
"OMG Dad ar you gonna die? I dont want you to die? Will I die when I'm old? Will mom? Will....."

Oh dear Kara is now frantic, that didnt go to well.....

"Mom, why is dad old?"
"He;s not that old Anabelle sweetie"
"Why has he got grey hairs then?"
"Oh he has grey hair cos ...err...cos he has"
"Are you old?"
"No, not yet...why?"
"Well if you and dad are old and die who will look after us?"
"Oh dear Anabelle, by the time we die you will be all grown up"
"Oh ok, how long will that be?"
"You have a few years yet sweetie"

Day 20

"Lovin the look Sid"
"Am not"
"Why? you look trendy"
"I got promoted and the new boss said we had to look more hip, more with it"
"You do look more hip in this"
"Hip, hip you say, look am an old man and am gonna need a new hip if they keep sending me out in the field"
"Haha, you look good for an old man"
"Oh yeah, I still got it"
"That you do Sid, that you do"

"Hi girls"
"[whispers....what you doing?]"
"Ina, ssshhhhhh am concentrating"
"I'm winning and Erika is being grumpy"
"I can see that, arent you meant to be at school?"
"Going soon, just waiting on the bus"
"Ahhh ok then, where's your mom?"

The girls didnt get to finish their game, as it was time for school. Now where is Anya?

"Here you are, I've been looking all over for you"
"Hi, well now you found me"
"What you doing? And don't say working out as I can see that"
"Haha, am getting in shape, I have really let myself go"
"You have been pregnant most of the time, so there is no need to say that"
"Thats no excuse Ina"
"Sid likes you the way you are doesnt he?"
"Sid loves me whatever shape I am"
"So why exercise then?"
"For me"
"Well as long as you are doing it for the right reasons"
"I am, now let me crack on, or I will never reach my goal"

"Good morning Juliet"
"Hi, I'm a monkey look"
"Yeah you are, haha"
"Look I can swing with 1 arm"
"Be careful you dont fall"
"Its ok, if I fall I land on grass it doesnt hurt"
"How many times have you fell then?"
"Oh only about 10"
"How many times have you went right across"
"Oh errr, 1"
"Sooo you spend more time on the floor than on the bars?"
"Its grass not floor and yes haha"

A little while later when everyone was home from school and work, it was time to age up the twins.

"Mom its my birthday, am going to be too big to hug you so can I have 1 last hug now"
"Oh Erika sweetie you will never be too big to hug, but yes you can have 1 now"

"Congrats Erika on becoming a teen"
"Thanks Ina, I look older than teen though"
"Well you do a bit but you are a teen (I checked the age thing)"
"Haha, ok"

"Congrats Anabelle on becoming a teen"
"Thanks, not that I want to be a teen"
"Why not?"
"Cos she looks funny"
"Kara thats not nice!!"
"Its true though, I do look funny"
"I just do, and where did these come from?"
(She points at her chest area)
"Oh errr, you get those when you grow up"
"I dont wanna grow up, cos I dont wanna get those"
"Kara, you will someday"
"I dont want them either Kara, but I got them"
"You will get used to them in time Anabelle"
"Doubt it, and on the subject how on earth are you meant to run with these things boppin all over the place?"
"Very carefully hahahaaaa"
"You are no help"
"Sorry, haha, a sports bra helps"
"Right, and where am I supposed to get one of those?"
"I will get you one sweetie"
"Fine, it had better help cos I dont want black eyes when I run"

Day 21

"Hey honeybear, what you doing today?"
"Nothing planned, why?"
"I was thinking, since I gotta work, you can take the girls to the park"
"Yeah, I might do that, get out for a bit"
"It'll do you good, you can play chess with Marty"
"Gawd I aint seen him in months"
"Give him a call, see if he will meet you there"

When Anya went off to work, Sid did call his old buddy and set off for the park. Juliet, Anabelle and Erika went with him.

The girls had fun, Juliet decided to do a spot of digging, then she asked Erika to be a space monster so she could shoot it. Erika and Anabelle ran into some friends and ate some hot dogs, not the green ones though. not one of the crowd cleaned up, how bad is that, obviously they could see the green mould on them, and yet they just left them there. Ewwwww !!

"Dad were going home now"
"Uh! Ok Erika I will be home soon"
"No rush, enjoy your game"
"Thanks angel see ya later"
"Oh and dad...your friend is cheating"
"What!!!! Hey Marty you cheat"
"Haha, sorry mate, but you always win"
"I cant help it if I am good"

back at home....

"Anabelle, whats it like being bigger"
"Its ok, I suppose"
"Will I get bigger?"
"You both will, soon"
"Do you think mom will have any more babies?"
"I dunno, why?"
"Well I heard dad say he wants a boy"
"Yeah, it would be nice to have a brother"
"Yeah but where would he sleep?"
"Maybe they will extend the house"
"How do they do that?"
"Ina does it"
"Oh is she magic?"
"I think so, she has all these controls and she presses them to do different thing"

"Hey Erika what ya doin?"
"Am on chatter"
"Whats chatter?"
"Its a chat room for friends"
"Who you chatting to then?"
"Sam, Michael, Rory, Jazz and a few others"
"All boys are they?"
"Errr yes, dont tell dad will ya, he will go nuts"
"Ok, secret is safe with me"

"Hey Anabelle, testing out the sports bra?"
"Does it help?"
"A bit, not much though"
"Hmmm ok will have to look for a better one then"
"I have a question, why are they called bra's?"
"The term "brassiere" was first used in the English language in 1893. In the 1930s, "brassiere" was gradually shortened to "bra", other names for the bra are over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder and upper-decker flopper-stopper"
"Oh, I'll stick with bra then"
"Thought you might haha"

Can you imagine going into a store and asking for an upper decker flopper stopper in size..... haha I might do that one day just to see the look on the assistants face LOL

Day 22

I finally remembered to check the funds, well I remembered but forgot to post it, So here is where we are at, man still got a long way to go haha

"Juliet, wanna play chase?"
"Sure, you wanna chase me?"

"You can't catch me"
"You're running too fast, slow down"
"Then you'll catch me"

"Hi Sid"
"Hi Ina"
"Whatcha doin?"
"Duh! Playing chess obviously"
"Yeah but why?"
"Am hiding from Anya"
"Oh she in a mood?"
"You could say that"
"Errrr I'll let her tell you"

"Hi you seen your mom anywhere?"
"Nope, but can yousee that creepy old man lookin at me?"
"Yeah, oh dear he is having a good ole stare"
"I know, he's been there for ages, keeps walking back and forth"
"Ewwwww I'll try to send him away"
"Ok good"

"Hi you seen your mom?"
"Errr nope, hang on I'll go look for her"
"Aww thankyou sweetie"

"Just checking did the old man go?"
"Yeah, but now there is a young man staring"
"You want me to get rid of him too?"
"Oh noooo, he can stay"
"Typical hahahaaaa"

"Mom what are you doing?"
"I am freaking out!!!!"
"Why? Whats wrong?"
"Hi ladies, oh dear what on earth are you doin Anya"
"WHY....WHY.....ask his lord almighty upstairs why?"
"Who God?"
"No Sid, mister its alright, trust me"
"Oh dear Anya, you? Your not? Are you PREGNANT??"
"Yes I am, again at my age, can you believe it"

I left her there freaking out for a bit longer, poor Anya.

Day 23

"hey sweetie you feeling better today?"
"Yeah, sorry for the drama yesterday"
"Hey no worries, there is something you should know"
"It was my idea"
"What was...oh!!"
"Hhmm I wanted you to try for a boy"
"Well if its a girl again, dont even think of trying for more, you hear me"
"I hear you"

I went for a coffee to let her calm down, when I cam back, all the rest of the household was out, only Anya was in and she had completed a masterpiece.

"Nice pic"
"I like it"
"You keepin it?"
"Nope gotta sell it, need the money to extend the house"
"Oh, ok"

Anya sold the pic to the Art Gallery and decided to head out to the museum.

"Hey you"
"You're the one who stole my Sid"
"Excuse me!!!"
"Yeah you, you stole him from me"

"Listen here you trollop!!!!! I never stole anyone....He chose me, you hear, me Anya Morgan"
"Oooh eerrr, miss high and mighty, you looking for a fight, cos I'll give you one you know"
"Ha!! I would like to see you try, come on little woman, bring it on, I am just in the right mood to take you and your skinny little friend here down"
"Ina stay out of this"
"I will not, now calm down and be the better person and leave"
"Why should I?"
"Errr baby! Blood pressure!"
"Fine, but you keep these 2 out my face or my lordy I will... I will"
"Dont worry Anya, I will keep them away"

"So there you have it girls, you are getting a baby sister or brother soon"
"I vote for a boy"
"Me too"
"Erika, how about you what do you want?"
"A brother would be nice like Juliet and Kara said but you know what mom, as long as baby is healthy I dont mind"
"I second that"
"Well it shows how much you 2 are growing up, ok so finish your homework, I gotta go to bed"

Day 24

"So Ina told me it was her idea"
"yeah my love, I'm sorry. if I had known you really didnt want any more...."
"Honeybear, its fine. I am actually looking forward to it"
"Good me too"
"I need to go to work"

Anya headed off to work, the girls headed out to school and Sid well he cleaned the house, upgraded the toilet and played some video games, he had a day off. It wasnt long before the troops got home. Anya got promoted....and well she got a new uniform.

WARNING - Clothing in this next pic might damage your eyes !!!!!!

lolgal  lolgal  hills  lolgal  lolgal

It wasnt long until the baby was on its way...........fingers crossed we get a boy this time.

banana  banana  banana  banana

It's a boy, at last. meet Troy...oh did I mention I always hit the random name and traits thing, makes it more fun.  wacky

"Congrats on your son Sid"
" so excited"
"What you doing?"
"Trying to send text messages to everyone to know its a boy"
"Here give me your phone"
"Thanks Ina"

I will leave you there for now, as I have to go in game and re-arrange the house to accommodate the new arrival. Thanks for reading everyone.  flower  flower
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Wed Oct 08, 2014 8:26 am

Ha HA Ina, your story telling abilities never fail to CRACK ME UP!!! WaveCheer Loved the history lesson on "bra's" ... and the "slang names" ... oh gosh lol! My girlfriend say's her size is "42 longs" ... Shocked Anyway ... great update applause
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Wed Oct 08, 2014 9:00 am

Great update. Had me laughing then smiling then laughing again.


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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:32 am

Great update, as always you make me laugh. Congrats on finally getting a boy.
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Wed Oct 08, 2014 11:21 am

Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair Laughing Congratulations on Troy applause You're really doing well!


  hello6 Happy Simming!   coffee
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:06 pm

thankyou all, I am so happy you are all enjoying Anya's family and their troubles Heart Heart
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Wed Oct 08, 2014 1:38 pm

Great update, so much fun Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Fri Oct 10, 2014 4:53 am

Thankyou Httddy7 so happy you are enjoying it Big Grin

Day 25

We are going to start the day with updated pics of the house. Now do not laugh or giggle at my attempts at building as, well I am progressing from a box (which by the way is what my sims normally live in) to something a bit more homely.

Downstairs layout - Front entrance and stairwell, leads onto a small lounge. Kitchen (which has been extended) comes off the lounge. To the back of the house is the master bedroom with an en-suite. Did you see the red plumbob? That is the newly aged Troy, he was starving and just had to raid the fridge whileI was in photographer mode LOL

First floor - 3 bedrooms, 1 playroom, 1 bathroom. Ample space for computer, chess table and childrens activity desk. Also I only placed 1 dresser in the house for all to share. I love how when you click to send 1 sim to plan outfits ALL the household turn up in CAS, this is so much easier to get them all sorted dont ya think? Oh you will notice 1 room has a double bed, this is because when they age up to teen I like them to have a bigger bed. Just ignore the broken bathroom, Sidney will fix it. He is very handy.

Top floor - Yay I have a 3rd floor, only 2 bedrooms here, but you can see space for en-suite bathrooms. The 2 oldest girls Erika and Anabelle will have these rooms. The open area will be used for gym stuff and maybe music or painting.

Well there you have it, a tall, small but adequate home for a growing family. Back to the story.

"So there I was, standing in front of the crib, thinking OMG what do I do now"
"What did you do?"
"Well I was starving, I mean I was gonna die and everything"
"Don't tell porkies, it can't have been that bad"
"Porkies?? What is porkies??"
"Porky pies, lies"
"Am not telling lies, its the truth"
"Yeah yeah, ok then"
"Actually Erika, he was very hungry and yes he was bordering on the starving side but I would not have let him die"
"Hi Ina, thanks for helping him out"

They ate their grub, and the 2 little ones went outside to play, Erika tidied up the kitchen.

"OMG, Kara you need to shower"
"I will in a bit"
"You know sis, as someone who cares about you I feel I have to say, you really need to take care of your hygeine better"
"I will"
"Kara, you do know someday a boy will look at you and say, I want to marry her"
"Oh Erika stop, I dont care"
"He will not want to marry a girl who doesnt take care of herself"
"Ok ok, I'll have a shower"

Erika is very, errr very, how would you put it, uppity!! Anyhoo after her shower Kara went to watch some tv but her dad had other ideas....

"Dad what are you doin?"
"Bustin some moves, look I still got it"
"Sit down, before you fall down"
"Look, you swing it that way then turn and twist it this way"
"Dad, sit down"
"Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got it, ooooh ouch!!!"
"Dad, what you done?"
"Cramp in me leg, help me sit"
"Told you, am gonna get mom"

"Are you alright honeybear?"
"I'm fine and dandy my love"
"You outta stop over doing things you know"
"Ok, so I done a little too much twisting but hey you only live once"
"I know and I want you to live a little longer, so stop with the foolishness"
"Ok my love, now come here and give us a kiss"
"Oh good grief, you do know I'm sitting here?"
"Yes Anabelle, we do, you are old enough to see us smooch"
"I dont wanna, I'm off"

"Now where were we"
"Oh Sid, dont tickle me"
"Tickle tickle"
"hahahaaa please, stop"
"Tickle tickle, hahahaaaa"
"Sid!! Stop hahahahaaaa, stop"
"Hahahaaaaa tickle tickle"
"Oh dear, stop I need to peepee"
"Hahaaaaaa tickle tickle"
"Eeeeeek I just, nope I need to....yep Sid, I just wet myself hahhaaaa"

While Anya went off to shower. Sid went in search of something to do.

"Fancy a game?"
"Sure dad, why not"

They sat there for a while, playing and chatting. Sid suddenly went pale.

"You ok dad?"
"I'm fine darling"
"You dont look well"
"I'm fine, just a little heartburn"
"You want me to get mom?"
"No, no its fine, think I will go lie down for a bit"

Sid went to his room and took a nap. Must check how many days he has left. Oh dear his bar thing is glowing, no more days left, eeeek !! One two, reapers coming for you...three four, better lock your door.....five six.... Oh lordy I'm creeping myself out here  afraid 2


"Erika, look I had a text from Lucas"
"The hot guy from school?"
"Yeah, he says he is moving in with 3 friends when they leave school"
"Where are they moving to?"
"Across the street haha"
"Oh, wow, we will see them all the time"
"I know, haha"

"Kara, I got a text from Lucas"
"You know the guy from school"
"I dont know any Lucas"
"You do...he is the one who plays all the sports"
"Nope I dont know him, oh does he hang around with Jazz?"
"Yeah, Jazz, Philip and Ritchie. They all go around together"
"Cant say I've noticed any of the rest, but Jazz ooooh he is dreamy"
"Hahaaa, Kara, you fancy Jazz?"
"Yeah dont you?"
"Nope Lucas is hotter than Jazz"

Day 26

You may be thinking, the days I have listed and the days the sims are aging dont add up?? Well thats because some sim days go so fast its impossible to get many pics or maybe nothing happens apart from work/school/shower/food and sleep, soooo I have been merging days to make them more interesting.

"Hi Sid, whats with all the hugging?"
"Hi Ina, I want my kids to know, I love them"
"I think they know that Sid"
"I need to make sure, I might not be around much longer"
"Oh dont say that"
"It's true, my days are coming to an end. I have a few things to do before I go"

"So Erika, when I'm gone, cos you are the eldest I expect you to look after mom"
"Oh dad, dont talk like that, you will be around for a long time yet"
"One more thing darling, I need to talk to you about boys"
"Nope you dont, honestly, we get educated about those things in school"
"I need to tell you about, things they dont teach you in school"
"Nope its fine, honestly errr....maybe you should talk to Anabelle and Kara"

Sid decided to take her advice and went in search of her sisters.

"Great dodge there Erika"
"Yeah, that was so not my style"

"And so you see girls, if a boy says trust me, don't just don't"
"Ok, well that was interesting"
"Anabelle, dont be rude, I am trying to help"
"I know sorry dad"
"One more thing, girls I need you to look after your younger siblings"
"Why? you going away?"
"I might be going away soon, yes"
"Where you going?"
"Somewhere I need to go alone"
"Oh, for work or something?"
"No darling Kara, I need to move on from this world"
"Daddy!!!!, You cant, you need to stay"
"Sometimes my sweet, we cant always do what we want to do, I wish I could stay forever, I dont want to leave you or your brother or sisters and I sure as hell dont want to leave your mom, but..."
"Dad, nooooooooo"
"I, I....I love you my sweet girls"

"Whats going on in here then?"
"Nothing my love"
"Ok, why do the girls look so sad?"
"Oh I dont know my darling, kiss me"
"Oh Sid, I love you"
"I love you more my sweet sweet Anya"

Day 27

As normal the kids all got up and went to school. Anya had the day off. She had woken with a funny, foreboding feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Sid honeybear, something aint right"
"What do you mean my love?"
"I dont know, I feel like something is gonna happen"
"Like what?"
"Oh dear its hard to explain, its a feeling, its like there is something watching us, waiting to pounce"
"Oh Anya you are silly, come here"

Anya felt a little better after talking it over with Sid, but she knew something wasnt right.....While Anya set about cleaning the house Sid went into the garden.

"Hi Sid, doing the garden I see"
"Hi Ina, I want to make sure its perfect before I ...."
"Stop that talk, you hear"
"I know its hard to talk about it but its gonna happen you know"
"OMG, whats that noise??"
"What noise..................."
"Sid, Sid....ANYA"

"I have no words to say to you dear Anya"
"I sniff sob, can't sniff sob, go on"
"But you must, think of the children"
"I.....Ina.....he....I loved him so much"
"I know, I know dear Anya"

Poor Anya. I know I could have extended his life span with a potion but I have decided not to intervene with my family when it comes to life and death.

Day 28

Anya spent most of the previous day in bed, crying and wailing, sobbing and mourning.

I made a part of the garden into a small burial ground for members of the family, so their loved ones can visit them whenever they feel the need.

"Morning Anya how are you today?"
"I miss him so much"
"I know, have you told the children?"
"I told them last night"
"Are they ok?"
"Yes, they took it very well"
"Where are they now?"

Later that evening.

"So you all have to carry on as normal"
"I know mom, and you have to take it easy"
"I will do my best to be here for you"
"Sorry to interupt, Anya its Juliets birthday today"
"Oh I forgot, err ok, lets do a cake"

Anya got on with baking a cake for Juliet, she also had time to paint a picture.

"Anya this is not one of your best"
"I know, its called "Sad"..I had to paint what I felt"

"Hi Juliet, you are all grown up"
"Yes, teen years here I come"
"What you doing?"
"Helping mom, now I am a teen I can help more, I'm just a bit sad that dad had to go before my birthday"
"Yeah, I'm sure he will be celebrating wherever he is"

As the day grew to a close, Anya was slowly coming to terms with losing Sid. Sid on the other hand, well lets see what hapened shall we.....

"Sid, honeybear is that you?"
"Yes my love, I couldnt stay away"
"Oh my darling, here catch this"

Anya blew Sid a kiss and asked him to stick around to see the kids. He did and as the kids got up he was there to greet them.

"Its so good to see you all"
"Oh dad, you came back"
"Not to stay my sweet child, but to visit only"
"Are you gonna visit a lot?"
"I dont know Kara, and Juliet look, you are all grown up, you look so much like your mom"
"Dad, I ...."
"No tears now, your mom needs you to be strong, I have to go....."

With that he floated back to his forever home. He didnt have time to stay and say hello to Erika and Anabelle but someday he might be back to pay them a visit.

I will leave you there for today. I will be back later with more from Anya.

Heart  Heart
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Fri Oct 10, 2014 7:36 am

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Ina ... your breaking my heart!!!! Even so, it was a great update! Love the house layout thumbs up Juliet aged up beautifully ... and love the "tip" with CAS ... that is gonna make things so much easier HappyTrio
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Fri Oct 10, 2014 10:35 am

Very moving update. So sad at Sid's passing. Glad to see him back for a visit. Juliet is very pretty.


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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Fri Oct 10, 2014 10:35 am

I agree with CD9, real tear jerker. That Sid's love is strong. Wonderful update.
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:41 am

Oh how sad! I would say RIP Sid but it looks like he is up and active applause You had me crying in my coffee this morning Crying or Very sad


  hello6 Happy Simming!   coffee
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:15 pm

Ohhhhh...........Goodbye Sid. Hopefully he'll visit often. Heart


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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Sun Oct 12, 2014 6:16 am

thankyou all for reading, it was sad to see Sid pass on...but he will be visiting a lot Heart

Ready for more? Ok here we go.....

Day 29

We start today when the kids return from school. Erika and Anabelle have made it to YA. Erika is now following in her moms career path and Anabelle has joined the writer career.

"Troy you need to do your homework"
"You need to do your homework"
"I am older and am tellin you to do yours"
"Yeah, the man of the house now and you need to do yours"
"Hahaa you a man, funny, you are a child"
"Am not, its nearly my birthday and I will be all growed up"
"Shut up, both of you and get on with your homework"

"Anya be careful with those knives"
"No worries Ina, I'm a dab hand at knife throwing now you know"
"Mom, just be careful will you"
"I will Anabelle dear"
"Whats for dinner anyway mom?"
"What is that?"
"If its on your plate you can eat it hahaaaaa"
"Oh very funny"

They had their Ifits, which turned out to be chilli and each went off to do their own thing. Erika painted a pretty picture, while Anabelle, Juliet, Kara and Troy watched some tv before going to bed. Anya went out to the garden.

"The garden looks great Anya"
"I have to keep it going, it was Sid's final gift to me"
"I know sweetie, he will be so proud of you"
"I hope so, I still miss him but he does come and see us all"
"He probably misses you all too"

Day 30

Its a big day today, Troy turns teen and Kara turns YA but before that Anabelle and Erika have plans.

"Good morning Anabelle"
"That looks very tasty"
"Oh, thanks. I made it its toasted cheese"
"I can see that, I didnt think it was toad-in-the-hole"
"Ewwwww, toads?"
"Its not actually toads, its sausages in..."
"Why call it toad in the hole then?"
"I have no idea, its an old recipe"

I had to go check where it originated from.

Toad in the hole is a traditional British dish consisting of sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter, usually served with vegetables and onion gravy. The origin of the name "Toad-in-the-Hole" is often disputed. Many suggestions are that the dish's resemblance to a toad sticking its head out of a hole provides the dish with its somewhat unusual name. It is rumoured to have been called "Frog-in-the-Hole" in the past, although little evidence exists to support this theory. It has also been referred to as "sausage toad".
An 1861 recipe by Charles Elme Francatelli does not mention sausages, instead including as an ingredient "6d. or 1s. worth of bits and pieces of any kind of meat, which are to be had cheapest at night when the day's sale is over." This recipe was described, as "English cooked-again stewed meat" (Lesso rifatto all'inglese) or "Toad in the Hole", in the first book of modern Italian cuisine of the nineteenth century, (Artusi's "La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiare bene", 1891), in which the meat was nothing but left-over stewed meat cooked again in batter. During the 1940s, a wartime variation on the original used pieces of Spam in place of sausages. An earlier recipe with a similar style is found in Hannah Glasse's 1747 The Art of Cookery, where she presents a recipe for "Pigeons in a Hole", essentially pigeons cooked in a Yorkshire pudding batter.
The recipe itself is rather simple but requires some skill to cook perfectly. A pan is placed in the oven and heated for about 15 minutes while the batter is prepared. The sausages and batter are added and cooked for half an hour. With frozen sausages, the meat is placed in the dish while heated. It is normally accompanied by gravy (often onion gravy), vegetables and potatoes, often mashed.

Nope still baffled  confused

"Morning Erika, looking forward to today then?"
"Morning, errr, yes and no"
"Why no? I thought you would like this little adventure I have in mind"
"I....well...I am looking forward to meeting new people but..."
"Oh you will be fine, Anabelle is gonna be with you"

Want to know what I have planned? I am sending the girls to visit their new neighbours...

"Hi, I'm Anabelle and this is my sister Erika, we live across the road"
"We have seen you around"
"Yeah? When did you move in?"
"Oh we moved in last week, the old roomies who lived here moved on, and we took over the lease"
"Do you like it here?"
"It gets better everyday"
"So what do you all do?"
"Oh, at the moment we dont work, we are settling in"
"Ok, and are you all related?"
"No, no...we are friends, we met at school"
"I remember you from school"

The girls stayed at their neighbours all day. Wanna meet them?

This is Ritchie, he was the one doing all the talking.

From the left, we have Jazz, Lucas and Philip. Lets see what they thought of our girls.

"So, who do you fancy then?"
"Ritchie, I knew you were gonna ask that"
"Well...Jazz you go first"
"K, well, the blonde was pretty but she was very quiet, not my type at all and the dark haired one, Anabelle was it, I remember her from school and she always had her head in a book, so not my type"
"Alrighty then so you wont be going after any of them then?"
"Nah, they have a sister though, a red head, now she on the other hand...well am not saying anymore until she grows up"
"Ok, what about you Lucas?"
"I don't know, I like Anabelle, always have"
"You know her from school then?"
"Yeah, we used to text each other now and then"
"You never said, you fancied her at school"
"Well, she didnt hang with the crowd, you know she was always studying"
"Yeah, I remember her sitting with that geeky lot"

I left them to it, apparently Lucas likes Anabelle. Jazz dont like any of them, but he does like Kara. Philip didnt say much and Ritchie prefers blondes. Ok so we will have to wait and see what happens in the future wont we.

When the girls got back home they had missed the aging up of Troy and Kara. Actually I forgot about Troy and his birthday so he moped around for a bit feeling very sorry for himself and Kara I only just remembered, oh lordy I am so forgetful  Head Desk

"Mom no one remembered my birthday"
"I know sunshine, sorry"
"If dad was here he would have remembered"
"Doubt it, you see its not down to us to remember, its Ina's job"
"Well can you sack her and get a new person?"
"I'm sorry it wont work that way"
"Why not?"
"Well she created me, and its her story"
"Well, she needs to get her act together as its so not fair she forgot about me"
"I know, I think she feels bad enough"
"How do you know?"
"Listen......can you hear that?"
"The...quiet sobs?"
"Yeah thats her, she is crying cos she forgot about you"

"Hi Kara"
"Hi Ina, whats up?"
"Oh nothing...I feel bad about forgetting Troy's birthday"
"He'll get over it, look am making a stool"
"Cool, am off need to go and sort myself out"
"Ok, cheer up old bean"
"I will try sweetie."

Day 31

After I collected my thoughts and vowed not to forget a birthday again, I went back in game to see what Anya and her brood were doing.

"What ya doing?"
"Morning Ina, I made breakfast and the cooker went pffft"
"Oh!! Why dont you replace it?"
"I wanted to try and fix it"
"Is it working?"
"Nope, just replace the darn thing"
"Oki doki....(replaced) Wher is everyone?"
"At school and work"
"what ya got planned today then?"
"Am just heading out to work myself"

Later that evening, just as Anya got home from work....

"Excuse me maam is Anabelle home?"
"Errr no, not yet and you are?"
"Sorry I'm Lucas, I live across the road"
"Ohhh, come in young man, come in"
"Thankyou, may I wait for Anabelle?"
"Oh errr, of course. You want a coffee? Tea? Juice?"
"No thankyou, errr Mrs, errr, maam"
"Call me Anya, I'm Anabelles mom"

Oh I say, he is very well dressed dont ya think?

"I am about to make dinner, would you like to stay?"
"Oh I wish I could but its my turn to cook tonight at home, so I might have to leave soon"
"Look, use the phone and invite your household over here, it will be good to have some guests"
"Oh, ok, I will call and see what they say"

As you can see, the boys arrived for dinner. i think they were so happy to have some proper cooked food and not salad again, as that is all Lucas knows how to cook. Not that you cook a salad but you know what I mean.

"So Anabelle what am saying is....."
"Yes Lucas..."
"They say dating is a numbers game... so can I get your number?"
"Oh, yes, here is my new number...."
"Can I call on you again?"
"Oh Lucas I would like that"
"One more thing before I leave, can I use your treadmill? I need to workout?"
"Oh!! Errrr yes, its upstairs on the top floor"
"What an odd thing to ask?"
"I know right, Ina I was expecting him to ask me on a date"
"Me too hun"

"Thankyou for a lovely evening Erika, and thank your mom for a tasty dinner"
"Oh I will and your welcome back anytime you know"
"Thanks, errrr, you know if you ever want to hang out, just come over"
"Thanks, I might take you up on that"
"Please do, and the invite is open to you all"
"Thanks Philip, and well goodnight"

"Enjoy your workout Lucas?"
"Yes thanks"
"That was an odd thing to ask by the way"
"The poor girl thought you were gonna ask her out and all you asked was to use the treadmill"
"Well, I gotta keep fit"
"Yeah, and you cant do that at the gym?"
"Well I wanted her to see my body, you know like that song"
What song?"
"The one that goes, Girl look at that body, Girl look at that body, Girl look at that body, I work out, am sexy and I know it
"Oh good grief, go home man and put a shirt on!!!!"

I wonder if he will be back or if Erika and Philip will get it on.....haha. Hmmm who do you think will make it to marriage 1st? Well whoever gets the man will take over from Anya. The race is on between Erika and Anabelle, or will Kara beat them to it? Tune in next time to see who wins.

BaloonHeart  BaloonHeart
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Sun Oct 12, 2014 8:39 am

Great update, very interesting. I will be back to see who wins.


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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:22 am

Such a good story. Sad, funny, interesting. thumbs up
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:29 am

Jazz, Lucas and Philip look very yummy Heart Wink Any chance they will be shared in the gallery?
I love the conversations between you and your Sims and have had a few with mine...some of which are not repeatable.
Right now I am feeling a bit peckish and am going in search of some "Ifits" or what I call cupboard food. If it's in the cupboard or the fridge then it will become my meal of the moment. Nomnomnom
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thankyou all once again for reading my little story / challenge Heart

@ EQ yep all the boys are in my gallery, if you want to use, abuse, love, kill or whatever to any of my sims feel free. I am also having if its tonight, sometimes they are the best haha
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Sun Oct 12, 2014 1:45 pm

Love the update .... I've had company all week-end so haven't been able to get online ... nice to catch up applause
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I hope you enjoyed your weekend CD9 and thankyou for reading Heart

Day 32

I should call it evening 32, as this is where we catch up with everyone. Now we have had a visitor come to the door every hour throughout today, even when everyone was out. Do you want to know who it was? Could it have been Philip? Jazz? Or Lucas? Lets go see if he comes back when our family is home.....

"Hi Anabelle"
"Oh crikey, hi Lucas you startled me then"
"Sorry, I have been waiting for you to come home"
"Oh, really? How long have you been waiting?"
"Truthfully? All day"
"Oh!! Why?"
"I just wanted to see you, I can't stop thinking of you."
"Ohhh Lucas, I .... I ....."

"Come here lover boy"
"Hhhmm hhmmm, Anabelle"
"Do you want to come inside?"
"Yes, yes I would love to"

"Anabelle slow down, go for some romance before you pounce on the boy"
"Ok Ina, backing up...I just couldnt help myself"
"I guessed that"

There was a little bit of flirting between the 2 of them. This looks promising doesnt it. lets listen in on what they are saying...

"Lucas, would you like to stay over?"
"Oh err, will it be ok? Your mom wont mind?"
"It will be fine, mom will be ok with it"
"In that case, I would love to"

Day 33

"Hi Lucas, you're here early?"
"Errr yes, yes I am"
"Haha, he never left last night"
"Whoah!! Really? Where's Anabelle?"
"I think she is in the shower"
"Oh I see..."
"I hope you dont mind me being here Anya"
"Nope not at all, I have an open mind you know"
"She has to having all us kids teehee"
"Yep that is true Kara"
"Excuse me, I need to go see Anabelle"

Lucas left the room.

"Do you think they will hook up?"
"Juliet dear, I think they already have"
"Noooo, not that, jeez...I mean do you think he will propose?"
"Oh I have no idea, it would be nice though"
"Erika, how would you feel if they did get married?"
"What do you mean? I would be happy for them of course"
"It would mean that Anabelle would take over here and you would have to move out"
"I was intending on moving out anyway, errr mom, I have been asked to share with Philip and the boys if Anabelle and Lucas got together, oh and the invite extends to Kara too"
"Really....Jazz asked me to move in with him, I mean them?"
"Well it was Philip who asked but yes..."
"I'm up for that, when?"
"I'm thinking maybe tomorrow, what do you think?"
"Oh I need to pack, nuts I gotta work today, well I can be ready for tomorrow"
"Oh my babies, leaving the nest."
"You still got me and Troy and Anabelle mom, were not all leaving"


" I wrote your name in the sky but the clouds blue it away. I wrote your name in the sand but the waves wash it away. I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay. Anabelle, will you make the happiest man alive and marry me?"
"I...I....Oh Lucas...yes...yes...yes"
"Congratulations Anabelle, and Lucas of course"
"Thanks Ina, now some privacy please I want to smooch my man"

Day 34

Anabelle and Lucas had a small wedding at the park. Now dont laugh but I had no idea how to throw a wedding in the game so I just guessed and well it was a sort of flop but hey never mind they got hitched and all is hunky dory.

cheers  cheers  cheers  cheers  cheers

As you can see they rushed home to seal the deal so to speak..... shy

"So mom, Erika has already gone, and well I am gonna stay tonight then am off to work in the morning but instead of coming back here I will go straight to my new home"
"What about your stuff?"
"Erika took it with her, its only a suitcase"
"If you are sure sweetie, no one is kicking you out"
"Yeah I know, but it is time to move on, you will need the room if Anabelle has babies"
"Oh that wont be for a long time yet, she has only just got married"
"Mom think back...You and dad had Erika and Anabelle within a very short time"
"Oh..true...Well my darling this old bird needs her beauty sleep"
"But they are in your bed"
"Its fine, i told them to take that room, I will sleep upstairs from now on"
"Oh ok night night mom"
"Night night Kara"

"Hey Troy, am glad I caught you, I am moving out tomorrow"
"Oh I know, mom told me on her way up to bed"
"Look, I will be across the road if you need me ok?"
"Thanks sis, take care of yourself, give me a hug"

Day 35

"I'm off to work now, give me a hug Juliet"
"Take care Kara, have a great day and good luck with the move"
"Thanks hunny, right am off. See ya later, maybe"

Kara left for work and her new life as a roomie. Today is Juliets birthday, after forgetting Troy's I better not forget hers LOL. Anya retired from work, only because her life span is full and glowing and I dont want her to leave this world at work, everyone else went to work and school apart from Juliet who celebrated her birthday.

"So how does it feel to be a young adult sweetie?"
"Oh it doesnt really feel much different mom, apart from the fact I have no school, need to find a job and possibly move out"
"Oh whats that over there?"
"Anya you're cheating haha"
"Sssshhh Ina"
" lipssealed "

Later that day....

"Dad, I wish you could have been here for my birthday"
"You ok Juliet?"
"Yeah, I just miss him"
"I know, we all do"
"Ina, I want to move away. I mean to a different town. Can you help me?"
"Yes of course, in fact I know of someone looking for a room mate in Willow something or other, his name is Stefan you want me to arrange it for you?"
"Yes that would be great, thanks"

So with that I moved Juliet out of town. I wonder if she will be back? That evening....

"And so you see sir, I am sorry to have not met you when you were living. I hope to meet you now, or sometime soon. I do love your daughter, always have really, always will."

"Lucas hun, I have something to tell you"
"Yes my sweet"
"We aregoing to have a baby"
"Oh Anabelle, When I'm older looking back at all of my finest memories, and I'll think of the day my children were born, the day I got married, and the day that I met you. You make me so happy"

Day 36

"OMG You got big quick"
"Thanks Ina"
"I didnt mean anything bad, just wow"
"Haha I know, I look like the side of a bus"
"I have never understood that saying"
"Me neither"
"Why say it then?"
"I dunno, teehee"
"You told your mom yet?"
"Just going to now"

"Sooo mom your gonna be a granny"
"Eeeeeek am so thrilled"
"I'm so happy your happy"
"Happy, I'm more than happy"
"Me too mom"
"Now, when are you due? What are you having? Do you need to eat? How does Lucas feel?"
"So many questions mom, due any day now, dont know what were having, no am not hungry and he is over the moon"

Nothing much happened for the remainder of the day, Troy went to school, Lucas went to work as did Anabelle. Anya done the gardening and cleaned the house.

Day 37

"Aaaaarrgggghhhhhhhh the pain"
"What on earth is going on?"
"Hi Ina, she is in labour"
"Ok go to the hospital then"
"Ok, were going. See you soon with our little bundle of..."
"Lucas !!!! Now.....gotta go now......"

While they were away, there was nothing to do.....I sat and waited for what seemed like an eternity haha then it happened.....we have a baby....

Girl .... Melody  Heart

"Oh look a cute likkle baby"
"Ina she is so precious, look I'm a mommy"
"Awwwwww congrats Anabelle and Lucas too"
"My turn, my turn, my turn"
"Do you think he is excited about being a daddy?"
"Hahaa just a tad"

"Dear little Melody, I am your daddy, the 1st man you will love, the one who will cherish you for all your life."

And so we leave you there for today. next time we start with Generation 2. Anabelle.

Big Grin  Big Grin

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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Mon Oct 13, 2014 8:35 am

What a great read with my morning coffee Heart Looking forward to more of your story Ina applause
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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:27 am

A great start to my day. Heart


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PostSubject: Re: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge   Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:43 am

Wow! Busy, busy, busy. Engagements, children moving out, a wedding and a baby! I'd say this update was action packed. Your doing so well. applause


  hello6 Happy Simming!   coffee
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thankyou all, mucho loves n hugs all round Heart BigHug BlowingKiss

Generation 2

Day 37 (continued)

After Lucas finally put Melody back in her crib, her Uncle Troy and Granny Anya got to have a wee cuddle too.

"What the ?? Why you walking like that?"
"Ina, I gotta go tell Sid, about Melody"
"That doesnt explain the walk"
"I'm excited and need to walk like a loon"
"Cos that's how the developers, the game developers or makers whatever you wanna call them made us do"
"Ina it's in the script ok....jeez, you think I wanna walk like this? I got no choice"
"Alrighty does look like fun though"
" wanna join in?"

Now since I did not capture myself running round the room looking like a loon with my arms wafting around and my legs going googly, you will just have to use your imagination hahaha.

"Hi dad"
"Eh! Who?"
"It's me Melody"
"You are a baby, or last I looked you were"
"Haha, mom aged me up"
"Oh, well arent you a pretty little lady"
"Shut up dad, mom said you've to come in, its late and she wants to go to bed"
"She can go to bed without me..........Oh!!"

"Give me a hug melody and then you go off and play indoors"
"Kk love you daddy"
"Love you too precious"

Melody went inside and helped herself to some food, everyone else was in bed. She had the strangest feeling she was being watched!

Day 38

"Morning Anya"
"Morning Ina"
"Whats with the hair? Got no bleach left?"
"Haha very funny, I decided to go natural, no point spending money where its not really needed"
"True, true, I'm not that brave, I still dye mine"
"You're so vain Ina"
"Yep I know haha, anyhoo, how does it feel handing the responsability over to Anabelle?"
"Oh its such a relief to be honest"
"Oh, was it so bad then?"
"No not bad just stressful at times, but now I can relax and enjoy my time left"
"Yeah, speaking of time left, your life bar is full so maybe you might want to say your goodbyes"
"I will, tomorrow. Today I am just gonna potter around"
"Oki doki"

Later that day....

"Look Juliet, I know you are family moved away, why do you always come round, its been everyday, sometimes you come round, get sent away and come back in 5 minutes, what gives?"
"I dunno, I think I might be glitched or something"
"Maybe Ina can do something to help"

Ok so, Juliet moved away to another town, she always comes back. She is always at the front door, is she glitched or just a home buddy not wanting to leave? To try and sort this out, I went into the other town, got her a job, made her some friends etc etc. I wonder if that will work?

"Dad, dad look...."
"Errr melody please dont pull faces like that, the wind will change and you will be stuck like that"
"No I wont"
"No you wont precious haha, now lets go grab some food"

"Hi Anabelle, working out?"
"Oh yes, got to be ship shape if I'm to take over things here"
"You look happy"
"I am, well sort of anyway"
"Happy to have a daughter, happy to be in a loving relationship with a smexy man, happy to not have to move out, happy my little brother is still here but .... not looking forward to my mom having to leave"
"Thats a lot to be happy about, as for your mom happens to all of us eventually"
"Yeah I know....but its still not something I want to happen"

After her workout Anabelle joined Melody at the table. have you always noticed most conversations take place around the kitchen table? They do in my house, both sims and real life.

"So Melody, how do you like being grown up?"
"You mean a kid?"
"Yeah, thats what I meant"
"Its cool, I get to talk and play and hug and eat yummy food"
"Haha so you do toots, so you do"

Meanwhile .....

"Why are you fixing that?"
"Oh, errr I wanted to"
"Why not just replace it?"
" to keep the money"
"There is plenty of money Anya, well for replacing that anyway"
"I want to fix it"
"Ok, well I am on hand if you want it replaced instead"


"Anya, what are you doing? You've been busy all day"
"I want to get things in order"
"You dont have to, I can do that for you, once I have finished my dinner"
"No no...I want to do it Lucas, but thanks anyway"
"Ok, well dont stay out too late, its getting cold"
"I wont, its fine. Now you go in and finish your dinner"

Lucas went inside and left Anya weeding in the garden. Oh and Anabelle took a pregnancy test...yup child number 2 will soon be on its way. They dont hang about do they haha.

"Before we go to bed, I have something to tell you"
"Am getting a new toy?"
"We won the lottery?"
"Nope both wrong...I am expecting a baby"
"What? A another kid? I'm your baby"
"Oh dear, Melody, you will always be our number 1 baby"
"Will it be a boy or girl?"
"I dont know sweetie, we will have to wait and see"
"Oh my sweet Anabelle, I am so happy to be having another baby with you. Have you told your mom?"
"No I thought I would tell her when she comes in from the garden"
"Have you told Uncle Troy?"
"Not yet, he is out at friends just now, I will tell him in the morning as he wont be back till late"
"Melody, its time to play chess you ready?"
"Yes daddy, I'm ready"
"I'll tidy up here then am off for a bath"

While they done their own things I thought I would check on Anya.

Cripes !!!! I'm too late.....

"Errrr bye bye Anya"
"Goodbyyyeeeeeeeeeeee Ina"
"Grim, can I call you Grim?"
"Grim is ok, whatssss upppp"
"Will I tell the family she is gone or will you?"
"I will........muhahhaaaaaa"

"Hey folks, just a heads up....I took Anya, he time was up, she felt no pain, she was ready to go....Oh by the way if you move that one to there and this one to there it will be checkmate..."

With that he vanished...Lucas and melody finished their game, Anabelle finished bathing, Troy came in and they all went to bed. I tidied up the resting place a little.

Day 39

"So Troy, you're gonna be an uncle again"
"That it? Just cool"
"Yep, cool, ok very cool"

A man of many words is our Troy.... That day they all went off to work or school whichever one they were supposed to go to.
When they got home, they done the normal things, you know...ate food, showered, done homework / housework, watched a bit of tv..when ding dong (doorbell)

Again!!!! How can I stop this ?? Anyone ?? All hints/tips/advice welcome at this stage.

Day 40

This day was much like the day before, apart from the fact Anabelle got huge.... we catch up with our family in the evening.

"So mommy, when will the baby be here?"
"Any day now sweetie"
"And when it comes, can I help?"
"What like help look after your baby brother or sister?"
"Yeah, Garret at school has a baby brother and his mom lets him talk to him and play with him"
"Sooo, you like the idea now then?"
"Yeah, it will be cool"
"You sound like uncle Troy"
"How do I?"
"He says cool a lot too"
"Cool, cool, cool, coool, coooooool"
"Melody go play"

"Hello little bubba, am Uncle Troy"
"He moved then did you feel it?"
"He?? You having a boy?"
"Just a figure of speech, not sure what were having"
"Whatever you are in there I will be pleased to meet you"
"You know Troy, you could be next to get married and have kids"
"Nah, not gonna live here with you forever and be the cool Uncle to all your kids"

"So Lucas I told Anabelle am not moving out...ever"
"Ok, we will soon see when you get a bit older and some hottie patottie walks past and you'll be like all, man she is smokin..."
"Yeah right.....not gonna happen mate"
"Hahaa I said the same thing till I saw your sister"
"Dont wanna know"
"You wait, you will come to me for advice soon enough, how long till your birthday?"
"4 Days, not long now...just gotta finish this week at school then am done"
"Right I'd say a week then you will be like, soooo, how do I snag a girl then?"

That night we had a visitor.....

"Why are you red? You angry or something? Actually you look quite mean and evil"
"Thanks....yeah I am MAD....No one has mourned for me...why is that INA?"
"Oh...I dont want them to get the sad moodlet, so each time they go to mourn you, I get them to do something else"
"Well, well....maybe I should just come haunt you then...."
"You dont scare me Anya...."
"We'll see...."

With that she decided to wreek havoc on the house...she jumped into the loo (broke it) then into the sink (broke that too) then if she hadnt done enough damage she headed up stairs and broke a further 2 sinks and the shower......Am not happy !!! Then she turned green and waited all nicey nicey for Anabelle....Well just you watch yourself Anya you messed with the wrong creator here....

"Cootchy coo, little baby"
"Mom, your hands are freezing"
"Well I cant exactly heat them up can I? No blood in them there veins"

Anabelle had to go to work, as did Lucas and Troy and Melody headed off to school.
Suddenly Annabelle was walking down the street.

"Arent you meant to be at work?"
"huffle puffle pant wheeze, puff.....labour...going.....pant the"
"Oh ok, good luck sweetie, see you soon"

Now while I waited for the new arrival, I decided to seek revenge on Anya.....muahahaaaaa...I has a plan, just need to wait until someone comes home.

Oh look another girl......Savanna  BaloonHeart  BaloonHeart

"You got a baby sister Melody"
"Awwww she is cute"
"She is indeed"
"Do ya think she will look like me?"
"I have no idea, we can age her up to see if you like?"

Who was the 1st on the scene after aging? Lucas, he flung his arms around his daughter and said...

"I am the 1st man to hold you, I am the 1st man to love you and I am the 1st man you can trust, welcome to childhood sweet Savanna, I am your daddy"

Now remember my revenge...I got Anabelle to send Anya's  spirit to whatever place they go to (can't remember exactly) I sent Sidney too. My reason? I cant afford all the replacement objects and with everyone working or at school the broken items were just doing my head in hahaa.

Ok I will leave you there for now. Until next time, this is Ina signing out   Spinning  Spinning
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Great update  ROFL @ "The wind will change"  Ha HA
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I Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Ina's Rosebud Challenge
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