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 The Sims Medieval: The Kingdoms of EQ

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PostSubject: The Sims Medieval: The Kingdoms of EQ   Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:19 am

The Sims Medieval is a totally different way to play with Sim characters. I am not ready to lose my beloved Medieval Sims so I am posting them here.
Carl's Sims Medieval Video Game Strategy Guide Game Cheats, Walkthroughs, Tips, and Information to Help Players

The Lady Zelexxa rules Tempus Fugit with a Velvet Fist.
Do not let the regal gown of purple teal and gold fool you. Lady Zelexxa was born to rule.
Her traits are Adventurous, Solitary and fatal flaw Cruel.

Mirror Mirror in my castle ...

Mercy? Now why would I show mercy?

No no .. do not thank me. You will be spending time making new friends .. in the Stocks.

Adviser .. write of my great exploits and epic adventures and make sure to keep in the juicy parts.

Lady Zelexxa needed a change of wardrobe as part of a quest.
Not much customization but the outfits suit the class of the Sim. I do like that the bottom of this one uses gradient coloring.

You must complete quests in a timely manner or this could hapen.

My physician / Bloodletter Doltry Manifest was doing his best to collect items needed for his craft. Could not get enough fast enough and the Queen had him put in the stocks.
Anybody remember in Sims 1 when the babies magically appeared in a crib? Well Medieval babies also magically appear. You can only interact by cuddling.

Then one day 'POOF' baby becomes a child and walks off. Children just seem to walk around and play in the wash basin. You can send them on errands to go to market. Then you have option to Check the child's inventory and retrieve the goods.

Just roasting a bit of Bear.

Love this waterfall.

My Knight practicing on the training dummy.

She challenged someone to a duel and it was close but she won. Limping away and now bandaged this message appeared on the screen.

Hello Grimmy!

I love this outfit and thought it would be perfect for a Barbarian Queen for my next Ambition.
Alas it is not available for the monarch. Sad

My Tempus Fugate Bard, Terrance is Level 10. Can you guess who he resembles?

My Tempus Fugate Spy getting an earful.

I actually finished 'New Beginnings' with Tempus Fugate.
Deciding how I will proceed with my Barbarian kingdom of Blood Moon Rising. My monarch Lady Morgan of the Woods is an Orphan foundling adopted into the royal family to continue the bloodline. She has the fatal flaw of Bloodthirsty. I was so disappointed that I could not get the outfit I wanted I forgot to get her picture. She has recruited an Adviser and has a house maid. A Wizard has joined her in her quest for Power. But will the Jacobians take root in Blood Moon Rising and thwart her plans for domination? More to come.

Rhapsodist Terrance of Tempus Fugate sings the tales of his beloved kingdom.

The Kingdom of Blood Moon Rising
Queen Morgan discusses the state of the kingdom with her wizard.

The Jacobian Missionary Priestess moves in to convert the masses.

Will they heed her words?

The bloodthirsty Queen Morgan recruits a Spy.
Will she serve her Queen as a loyal subject? Or will she be her undoing?

Moving along to next Ambition ...
One of the Quests involves finding the Right Heir so my Monarch Edmond posted this proclamation:

Things in the village were a little dull so the town decided to create an attraction called 'The Beast'. Maybe they should not have used a real Beast?

One of my favorites .. this is Teagan as his second turn at being a Spy.
I was able to save him as a Carry Over and now he is a Monarch in Teagan's Keep.
PS: I figured out how to have more than one Sim as a Carry Over. I will need to review my steps again then will post a note explaining how to save more than one character to use in a new Kingdom. The Carry Over file is created when you finish an ambition and you complete the New Beginnings (?) quest. Then that Sim is selectable as Monarch for a new kingdom.
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PostSubject: The Sims Medieval: The Kingdoms of EQ   Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:31 am

Teagan rules as Monarch in Teagan's Keep.
When visiting the Village he was asked by a mysterious character if his goal for the Kingdom was Safety or Power. He chose Safety and got this cool armor.

Okay so in the very beginning Teagan meets this person who is being bullied. After the bully is sent to the stocks he became his devoted servant. His name...? Clay Aiken.

Does not look a thing like him.

Felipe de Corbiel joined Teagan as the resident Spy in Teagan's Keep. He is the one in the hood.

Courtney one of my female Bards performing a play with Monarch Edmond the Fare in the kingdom Fare Thee Well. It took me three tries to complete this part of the quest. That was because I thought it said perform the play FOR the Monarch instead it said perform the play WITH the Monarch.

And now a few more pics.
Pre-Dawn Harvest



Animaslayer Sword


Jazz Swords

Crazy Larry

Thor ?

Because Nobody Expects the Jacobian Inquisition!

'Is that kniteth one purleth two?'
Or maybe the Queen asked 'How Fare Thee?" and the reply was "Sew Sew".

The original meaning of being 'grounded'. Those are the legs of his opponent stucking out of the ground.

One of my blacksmiths getting in a little 'Hammer Thyme'.
There is a moodlet that says: 'Hammer Thyme- Thou shalt not touch thus.'

Bard putting on one of her plays.

Bertrum the Bald Bard

Random NPC with mismatched hair color.

The hazards of a kingdom with low Well Being!!!

Under Da Sea

Brother Omar Franklin -Peteran priest.

New 'Trophies" This one is a bit tricky because you need to focus on quests that add Culture and Knowledge. Spy, Wizard, and Priest(s) are most helpful. I did use Bard with Wizard at least once.

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Join date : 2012-01-30
Age : 65
Location : Playing The Sims Since September 2004

PostSubject: Re: The Sims Medieval: The Kingdoms of EQ   Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:43 am

A Gaggle of Golems

Grandmas old potbelly stove but with a head and limbs. Razz


Striking while the iron is hot. (Love this dress!)

Finally caught her at home long enough to create an heir.

Future Queen

Daddy's Girl

Some day all this will be yours.

Swing ye partner ...

Random pics from Chaste River -Imperial Domination Ambition

This was harder that it looked. LOL
Only ONE QP left to play out yet.

Random pics of the kingdom of Serenity.

My Blacksmith investigated the tale of the Crab Bandit.

And she ended up with this souvenir mustache.

My Wiz turned Monarch was able to use the forge to craft herself a Flame Sword.

Here I think she was trying out for the center square.

Star Light Star Bright
(Oh yes ... her staff went with her to Serenity when she became Monarch)

That must have been some voyage!
Former Bard Courtney came from Fare The Well to establish her own fiefdom in Sweet Water.
Her Castle-in-a-Box had been unpacked and a few minor last minute touches were complete.
She was off to discover a Genie in a bottle as her first trip out to explore her new kingdom.
Wanting to freshen up a bit it was off to the wardrobe. But the wardrobe was locked somehow not letting her change from her traveling robes. Then it was discovered her crew and builders were not the only thing that made the journey with her.

Her Majesty the Lady Courtney in her traveling clothes.

Surprise! Guess who tagged along on the voyage to a new kingdom.

The Queen looks very happy to greet the new princess.

They grow so quickly. Meet Princess Melody Charm.

Hmmm wonder what this is about?

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Posts : 14945
Join date : 2012-01-30
Age : 65
Location : Playing The Sims Since September 2004

PostSubject: Re: The Sims Medieval: The Kingdoms of EQ   Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:57 am

Sweet Water Outtakes
Made for each other

The Bard marries the Court Jester.

Somewhere out there ........


This never gets old... Razz

With only two tiny quest points to spare! I still need to play those out to make it official.
*Tip: If you forget about trying to annex /ally the other kingdoms you can use your points to boost Hero levels. This for me was especially handy with the Merchant. I think I have had only one Merchant that I enjoyed playing. [Totally skipped adding them in some of my other kingdoms.] It is difficult with all the trading and sailing hither thither and yon to level that one in particular.
*Tip: Choosing quests that require 2 Heroes will boost the chances of getting them to level 10 quicker. Especially if one is at a lower level.

I.. Have... No ... Life!

Can a Monarch take a bath in private please?

Rocco the Illustrious is a Monarch of the people.

But he can also be quite Regal.

Well... pretty much.

Hear Ye one and all! The Watcher has given rise to the Kingdom of Boars Head.
Her Majesty Allium The Harsh rules with her trusted Mage Ocella DeMajik at her side.

Is Ocella as trusted as she seems? Or is trouble brewing for our Monarch?

Greta The Healer is welcomed to Boars Head by Her Majesty Allium.

Greta is hoping her decision to come to Boars Head is a wise one.

Bradley The Gallant guards the city gates.

Hmm .... looks like some of the castle staff are none too happy.

Summary of where I was before starting Pirates and Nobles.

P i c t u r e ... t i m e!

Pirate Ships off shore.

Trouble on the horizon?

Wizards domain

New deco and random Sims and outfits etc.

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PostSubject: Re: The Sims Medieval: The Kingdoms of EQ   

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The Sims Medieval: The Kingdoms of EQ
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