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 Chelsea's Opinion of The Sims 4

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PostSubject: Chelsea's Opinion of The Sims 4   Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:05 pm

hmm hmm I played for about 11 hours last night. My test family was my On Pained Wings legacy family Dove and Mist. I remade them in CAS to the best of my ability and added them to a house in one of the two neighborhoods. At first it was hard trying to figure everything out like moving around. I figured out the aspects of it and settled into my new game experience.

I started the game off by getting my two Sims jobs. Mist chose the Painter Career and Dove chose the Entertainer Career. After doing some remodeling to their new house my Sims settled in. I figured out where to go fishing, how to find frogs, look for time capsules and fossils and they had a relaxing day at the park.

The overall game play is very fun I like it allot. Cool But it is very hard to earn money in this game from what I can see and having to reach a certain level in a career before being able to buy certain items is a little odd. Rolling Eyes I do like the fact that my Sim can garden and even evolve her plants if she takes excellent care of them. thumbs up

The romance aspect in this game is a little more difficult than in the previous one. Mad It takes a longer time to get to the stage where you can ask the opposite gender to be gf/bf or propose marriage. I am looking forward to that though. Celebrate

In just a few short hours my male Sim reached level two in his job and that made me happy. I do like the fact that we can now enter build mode on any lot not just the home lot and add things to the environment without being sent home.

My overall experience with this game has been a very positive one and I'm glad that I purchased it Bravo
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PostSubject: Re: Chelsea's Opinion of The Sims 4   Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:27 am

Thanks for sharing your opinion. I'm glad you're happy with your purchase.

I thought people would be happier if money is harder to come by. In Sims 3 I'd be rolling in so much cash with nothing to spend it on. Harder romance sounds like my cup of tea too.
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PostSubject: Re: Chelsea's Opinion of The Sims 4   Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:39 am

So far I really like the gameplay, too. I love the multitasking feature. Salma is painting while talking to her hubby at the same time who is watching the cooking channel. His fun, social, relationship, and cooking skill all go up at the same time.

I find myself playing more than building, which is NOT the way I play Sims most of the time. I will get into build mode but right now just having fun. I also tend to take the Sims out more then on previous games. Their needs seem slightly easier to care for. I don't think they get tired as quickly.
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PostSubject: Re: Chelsea's Opinion of The Sims 4   Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:15 am

I am really enjoying this game. I really like the animations. They seem so much more realistic, in my opinion. I agree that it takes more time to get the romance level up but I like that. I like the idea of unlocking items as your sims climb their careers. I am glad I bought it too. applause


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PostSubject: Re: Chelsea's Opinion of The Sims 4   

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Chelsea's Opinion of The Sims 4
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