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 Lifetime Rewards

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PostSubject: Lifetime Rewards   Lifetime Rewards EmptyTue Feb 21, 2012 3:21 pm

Life Time Rewards

Reward Description Points Cost EP
Acclaimed AuthorEarn bigger royalty checks for every book written… assuming you're a writer. Very good choice for the Illustrious Author LTW. This can also be helpful for the Journalist that writes books too. 30,000 Base
Always on the List Sims who are Always on the List will never be refused entry into bars, clubs, and lounges. It only costa a $100 Simoleons to achieve this without the reward. 17,500LN
Artisan Crafter Artisan Crafters create higher quality inventions and sculptures that are more valuable when sold.This can really boost the income for the Sculptor and Inventor.20,000 Ambitions
Attractive Whether it's the pleasing scent or charm, people will suddenly like you more. This is great teamed with Observant and the Charisma trait. Add to that the completion of the Celebrity Charisma Challenge your Sim will start as friends with anyone they meet. 15,000 Base
Better Mixologist Better Mixologists make higher quality drinks than the average Sim. 15,000 LN
Body Sculptor The Body Sculptor device will give you the exact body shape you desire… within a few percentage points. Not really a very useful item.
30,000 Base
Bookshop Bargainer Books at the bookstore will carry a hefty discount, resulting in great savings for you! This is great to have a least 1 Sim in the household with this reward. Especially great teamed with Haggler and a sale at the bookstore. The chef will be able to buy the Ambrosia recipe for half price.
10,000 Base
Carefree Sims gain Fun 25% faster than normal. This is a good one to have for the Author or skilling. It will take less time to fill up the fun bar again so they can get back to writing or reading skill books. 20,000 WA
Change Lifetime Wish Picking a Lifetime Wish is a monumentous decision that leaves some Sims overwhelmed. In case the wrong Wish was chosen, here's a mulligan to set things straight. This one might be useful when bringing a new Sim into your family. You cannot use this reward once your Sim has achieved their Lifetime Wish. 10,000 Base
Change of Taste Allows you to reselect a Sims's Favorites. 5,000 WA
Collection Helper The Collection Helper is an invaluable tool that helps collectors identify collectables as well as find them in Map View. This reward is great in the Vacation Destinations too. 40,000 Base
Complimentary Entertainment You'll be added to the exclusive list at the community theatre and can get into all upcoming events free of charge. This is great if you are trying to keep the mood up on your Sim and they don't have any money.
5,000 Base
Dirt Defiant Personal hygiene concerns and frequent bathing rarely trouble the Dirt Defiant! With this reward your Sim will shower faster and keep the Squeaky Clean moodlet for 2 days. Canceled by gardening or exercise.
15,000 Base
Discount Diner Restaurant meals will be on the house. Tips and tax included. 5,000 Base
Efficient Inventor Efficient Inventors are able to tinker and create more Inventions with less scrap. This is a must for the inventor. It reduces scrap costs. Takes less time to collect scrap and you get more. 10,000 Ambitions
Entrepreneurial Mindset Sims with an Entrepreneurial Mindset earn Experience more quickly and tend to reach the top of their careers more quickly. 10,000 Ambitions
Excellent Groupie Excellent Groupies make every group outing a good time! 10,000 LN
Extra Creative The finest paintings are created by those who are not only creative, but extra creative. This boosts the value of paintings created. 30,000 Base
Eye Candy Sim has an aura that gives all Sims near them the "Eye Candy" moodlet. Who could resist such a good looking Sim? 5,000 WA
Fast Learner Learn and improve skills faster than a galloping llama! 15,000 Base
Fast Metabolism Watch your body shift and change before your very eyes with a fraction of the effort! A more immediate new you! Can work the extra weight off much quicker. This might be useful for the Journalist who can then do two restaurant reviews in one night. 5,000 Base
Fertility Treatment Increases your chances of conception! Twins and triplets are also much more likely.This one will help your Family Orientated Sim reach their Surrounded by Family wish faster. Fewer pregnancies with more children. 10,000 Base
Fireproof Homestead The Fireproof Homestead guarantees your Sim's home will never again catch on fire! This one will help the Inventor or the Sculptor Sim avoid surprises. 30,000 Ambitions
Food Replicator The Food Replicator speeds up meal prep by duplicating dishes perfectly… more or less. Once your Sim can cook perfect meals You can save a lot of time preparing meals by storing them in the Food Replicator. It is best if the meal is perfect but you can store lesser quality meals. 50,000 Base
Haggler Store clerks will fear the sight of you and throw discounts at your feet to expedite your passing. Coupled with a sale at the store this is great. But only worth it if you buy a lot. 15,000 Base
Hardly Hungry Your body achieves such a perfect state of balance that you hardly ever feel hunger or thirst. Needs to eat less. No moodlet boost, just saves time eating. 25,000 Base
Inappropriate but in a Good Way Other Sims won't mind your Sim acting inappropriately. A must for the inappropriate Sim. This is great for the Homeless Challenge. They won't mind if your Sim takes a shower while visiting. Also good for the Architectural Designer Profession to test things before completing your job. 5,000 WA
Jetsetter Trip and traveling prices are reduced for Sims with this reward. This is great if you have the Seasoned Traveler Lifetime Wish. 5,000 WA
Learned Relic Hunter Learned Relic Hunters have a knack for finding higher value Relics and other collectibles. 15,000 WA
Legendary Host Everyone will show up to the party and have a great time - it'll be legendary! This is great for the Political career fundraisers. Also can help make friends with your past guests easier.
5,000 Base
Long Distance Friend Friends will never become Distant Friends, even if you ignore them for a while. They know you're good for it down the line. If you complete the Charisma Super Friendly Challenge you will have the benefit of this without spending your points.
20,000 Base
Map to the Stars Sims with a Map to the Stars can see all Celebrity homes in Map View, making it easy to be a frequent uninvited guest!
20,000 LN
Master of Seduction Masters of Seduction never feel the pain of romantic rejection. Their romantic advances always succeed. A must for the Master Romancer Lifetime Wish. 15,000 LN
Meditative Trance Sleep You can get a lot more done when you don't need to sleep for very long at night. This is a good one for gardeners. Your Sims can go to bed late and wake up early to get the gardening done before going to work.
30,000 WA
Mid-Life Crisis Not happy with who you are? Pick new traits to become the Sim genetics failed to create. A way to change the traits without cheating.
20,000 Base
Moodlet Manager The Moodlet Manager eases the mind and removes troubling thoughts… most of the time. The cure option can also backfire and can cause your Sim to loose all of their energy and pass out. Just try again. This can also cure the Mummy's Curse. The 'Zap' option can lower a random need on the target Sim. 60,000 Base
Multi-Tasker Become better at your job and homework without any additional effort on your part! This one is great teamed with Workaholic and Ambitions traits to get a promotion every day. This only seems to work for the Rabbit Hole jobs. 10,000 Base
My Best Friend A SimBot joins the family with Best Friend relationship status to the Sim who chooses this lifetime wish. If you want a SimBot and aren't pursuing the Inventing skill.
40,000 Ambitions
Never Dull Sims love listening to you talk and will never get bored when you repeat social interactions! If you are working on the Personable Charisma challenge you can repeat the "Get to Know" interaction over and over and learn their traits without boring the other Sim. 10,000 Base
No Bills Ever How great would it be to not have to pay bills, ever? You will need this if your Adventurer comes home with a lot of loot for the trophy room. 15,000 WA
No Jealousy You'll never have to deal with the negative effects of other Sims being jealous of you. This would be a good one to have if you have the ability to do the 'Flirtatious Greet' or if your Sim is Firty with the married ladies/men. 10,000 WA
Observant Discover the traits of others twice as quickly! This is a great help if you are trying to achieve the Personable Charisma challenge. 5,000 Base
Office Hero Your inter-office conversations will be more effective than ever! Co-workers will love hanging out with you. 5,000 Base
Opportunistic Earn greater rewards and bonuses for finishing Opportunities! 10,000 Base
Prepared Traveler Travel Parties with a Prepared Traveler in the group can stay in locations longer. Great for the Lifetime Wish focusing on traveling. 10,000 WA
Profession Simoleon Booster Earn a larger weekly Stipend and more Simoleons for every profession job completed! 10,000 Ambitions
Professional Slacker How cool would it be to be able to watch TV and slack off at work without the boss caring? Okay so if you Sim's fun level is always low when they go to work and you have this reward their promotion bar will continue to rise while the take the fun option instead of working. 5,000 Base
Speedy Cleaner Eliminate household grime and villainous soap scum doubly quick! 5,000 Base
Steel Bladder Peeing is for Sims with lesser wills (and bladders). Your Sim will never have to use the toilet again. 10,000 Base
Stone Hearted Tragedy and heartbreak just don't seem to affect these kinds of Sims. A death in the family or your Spouse breaks up with you, if you see this going to happen you should consider this reward. 10,000 WA
Suave Seller Suave Sellers are able to sell their goods for a higher price at local stores and the Consignment Store. Make more selling you inventions, sculptures and paintings at the Consignment Store. 15,000 Ambitions
Super Green Thumb If you want to grow the best, most vibrantly delicious and organically superior plants, you simply must go Super. Gets your Sim to the Perfect Garden faster. 20,000 Base
Teleportation Pad The Teleportation Pad reduces your transportation costs by 100%... Within a reasonable margin of error. This can kill the unwarry untrained handyman. You can use the Subway now from LN just as easy.
75,000 Base
The Hustler The Hustler is unusually good at bar games, such as Darts, Foosball, and Shuffleboard. Great paired with the Lucky trait. 5,000 LN
The Next Big Thing Sims who are the Next Big Thing are bound to make any band successful. They earn extra Simoleons when playing gigs with a band. 10,000 LN
Vacationer Feel free to take the occasional day off. Nobody at work wil notice! Okay not what it seems. You do not choose the day off. One day the car pool will just not show up. 15,000 Base
Watering Hole Regular Watering Hole Regulars are frequent customers at the local bars, so they get a discoung on all drinks and food. 7,500 LN

Have you anything you'd like to add from your experiences using these traits?

This needs to be updated. It's on my list of things to do.


Have fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Lifetime Rewards   Lifetime Rewards EmptyTue Feb 21, 2012 5:04 pm

Discount Diner - This is very helpful when first starting out a Legacy or a Rags-to-Riches challenge.

Thanks for posting this list! sunny
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PostSubject: Re: Lifetime Rewards   Lifetime Rewards EmptyTue Feb 21, 2012 6:25 pm

Love this list. Thanks.


I'll have a café, mocha, vodka, valium latte to go please!
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Lifetime Rewards
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