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 CAW Basic Road Tutorial by Richdre @ Bear Mountain Creations

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PostSubject: CAW Basic Road Tutorial by Richdre @ Bear Mountain Creations   Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:46 pm

CAW Basic Road Tutorial by Richdre @ Bear Mountain Creations
Bear Mountain Creations is no longer in existence.  This tutorial was copied from the BMC site with permission from Honeybear the site administrator

@Richdre wrote:

This tutorial is for beginners who have never placed roads with CAW. When you first start road building can be frustrating but it's not hard when you know the basics. So let's get started.

Open the CAW program. I turn on the grid option when I place roads, That's the button on the tool bar that looks like a grid. Click on the road and trees tab and your screen should look like the one in the screen shot below. I want you to look at the left side of the toolbar. The second button is the move button. When I say press the move button that's the one I'm talking about. On the right side of the screen are the objects you can place. I have the road intersection button selected because I always place my intersections first and then lay my roads down between them.

Select the road intersection and move your mouse over the map Your should have a intersection attached to it. Place two intersections so you map looks like the screen shot below.

OK now we are ready to lay some road. Select the place road tab and click on a spot close to the first intersection. Now move your cursor toward the second intersection and you will see your road. When you get close to the second intersection left click to anchor the road and then press the esc key. If you don't press the esc key the road tool is still active. Now you should have something that looks like the following screen shot.

Now select the move button on the tool bar and then click on the road. Your screen should look like the screen shot below. Look closely at the road and you will see four little boxes. Two are light blue and two are dark blue. Those little boxes have names but I am going to give them new names. The dark blue boxes are connect boxes and the light blue boxes are curve boxes. When you place roads you will become very familiar with them.

Now with road selected grab the dark blue (connect) box and pull it the the edge of the intersection, your road will stretch as you drag. When you get to the edge click and you should get crosswalk lines on the intersection and the connect box will turn light blue. Now do the same thing to the other side and you have a road connected to two intersections. Isn't this fun?

Now let's create a road that curves. Place a intersection and a road so they look like the following screen shot. Your road is straight and the one in the picture is curved but we are about to fix that. Now select the move button on the toolbar and then select your road section. Grab the curve box and move it until it looks like the screen shot below.

With the road still selected grab the connect box (dark blue) and pull the road up to the intersection. When it turns light blue and you see the crosswalk lines you are connected.

Now let's connect two sections of road. Place another section of road so that your screen looks like the screen shot.

Select the move tool, select the road and then grab the curve box and move it until your road looks like the picture. Note that I have the end of the road lined up with the road section I am going to attach it to. If you use the curve box to align the ends of your roads they will always snap together with out a problem.

Click and drag the connect box on the new road until it is even with the old road and you should have the roads connected. The connect box will turn light blue.

Now if you place your intersections first you would have a intersection close by the end of your new road. Select the move tool and then select the road. Use the curve box to align your road end with the intersection.There are two ways to connect them. One, Grab the connect box on the road and pull it up to your intersection or grab the intersection and pull it down to your road. Crosswalk lines means your are connected.

And now you have a nice little stretch of curved road.

You don't like my nice curved road well then with the move tool selected click on the intersection and move it around. The road will always move with the intersection when they are connected. That can be very useful as you will see in the next section. Now your road might look something like this.

When you build your world your two basic items are roads and lots. They go together like bread and jelly. When I started I was counting squares on the grid when I placed my roads so the lots would fit. Nobody ever accused me of being the brightest bulb on the tree. There is a much better way and it is a lot faster. Place your roads. then place a lot and then move the roads. Remember you can move intersections and roads will go with then. The following picture shows a small square surrounded by roads. There is a problem with the roads. Can you tell me what it is? Good you have been paying attention. Two of the roads are not connected to intersections, no crosswalk lines. Very sloppy work.

Now let's say you want to put a 30 x 30 lot in that square. OK select the lot tool and draw out a 30 x 30 lot. (Here is a tip if you haven't placed lots before. Down in the right hand corner of the screen it displays the lot size as you draw it) You can see in the picture that the lot doesn't fit.

Select the move tool and drag the intersections out until it fits. Now I have a 30 x 30 lot surrounded by road with a perfect fit.

You also have road grading tools to flatten and smooth your roads. I'm not going to cover them here except to say that I think they are evil. When I use them I keep one finger on the undo button.

The methods I use work for me but you may find a better way to do things. You might find that it's better to place the roads and then the intersections. Nothing in this tutorial is set in stone, it's just a way to get you started.

I hope this helps someone and feel free to post any comments or questions you might have in this thread.


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CAW Basic Road Tutorial by Richdre @ Bear Mountain Creations
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