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 More deadly than sand by STW402

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PostSubject: More deadly than sand by STW402   Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:49 pm

Stw402 wrote:
This little trick is perfect and some builders will just miss that sneaky little sand piles that came with world adventures, I've been using them for a little while, but lets have look what they can do, but first:-

1 Ctrl+alt C
2 Type in the following cheat Testingcheatsenabled true
3 Ctrl+alt C again
4 Type in the following cheat buydebug on
5 next enter build mode goto the sort by function and press the ?
6 drop a side pile found under Misc.objects
7 Ctrl+alt C again
8 Type moveobjects on

Oh wow yes it's a sand pile, really used for dungeon building, but for anybody into landscaping this little pile of sand is your friend.

Creepy blood for halloween

Spilled wine

A alternative to terrain paint


Underwater rock pool

Oh dear some radioactive waste

Outline a object with some dirty tiles

Oh you can't click on the the ground with a sim, but they can move over the sand, but not stop on the sand unless they are doing an activity.

So next time your landscaping, don't forget about your friend the sand pile.



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Simrissie Rykel

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PostSubject: Re: More deadly than sand by STW402   Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:51 pm

Great tip thanks!
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More deadly than sand by STW402
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