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 How to take screenshots in The Sims 3

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PostSubject: How to take screenshots in The Sims 3   Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:58 pm

How to take screenshots in TS3

Taking the screenshots is best done with a sim in residence. In live mode you will have a very powerful and valuable tool for taking great pictures. The tool is called by many "Cameraman Mode" and is accessed by pressing the 'Tab' key. Once you are in this mode, you will not be able to use your mouse to give commands. Your mouse will move the camera like it is your head turning. Other ways of moving the camera are using the following keys given with their function.

The key on the left moves the camera in the direction listed. This movement is like you walking around the room.

'q' = down
'w' = closer
'e' = up
'a' = left
's' = further away
'd' = right

The following two are different from the 'w' and the 's' because they do not move the camera. They move the 'lens' so to speak. They can give an elongated or fisheye view. So be very careful using these commands. They are, however, great for taking pictures in tight spots like bathrooms.

'z'=zoom in
'x'=zoom out

And the final step.

'c'=snap picture

To exit "Cameraman Mode" press the 'Tab' key.

Thank you MerryWiddow!!


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How to take screenshots in The Sims 3
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