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 Game Play Challenge Index

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PostSubject: Game Play Challenge Index   Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:25 am

Game Play Challenge Index

Links to the challenge topics.

Asylum Challenge
You have been committed to a run down mental health facility against your will. In order to prove that you are fit to rejoin society and earn your freedom, you must achieve the goal your psychiatrist has set for you – your Lifetime Wish.

Hetty Lionheart : A Wasted Life, Reversed, Challenge
Play Hetty Lionheart from Appaloosa Plains and improve her life.

ISBI Challenge (I'm Surrounded By Idiots)
Go through 10 generations, only controlling one Sim in each generation.

LMFAO's 'Mine' Your Own Business Challenge
In this challenge your home lot is your households business and livelihood. The crew run a mine with each one having specific jobs that entail specific tasks.

Rags to Riches Challenge
Bring your Sim from nothing to being the richest Sim in town.

Rain In My Shoes: Rags to Riches Revised for Seasons
Start with an empty lot and empty pockets and work your way to wealth.

Scavenger Hunt
Find 15 items in designated neighbourhood with your Sim. Take a picture of the item with your Sim in the picture copying the posted item picture. Items can be found in any lot or area of location accessible by your Sim.

10-20-20 Legacy
A legacy challenge with easier to follow rules. Ten generation, 20 LTW and 20 careers.

The Forgotten Island Challenge
A challenge created by Meresimp on her Danish forum. Eight Sims stranded on an Island.

The SIMBurbs: A new game play challenge hosted by Buttonsginger
Gather TS3CC Members Simselves. Put them in your game and let the fun begin!

Wishacy Legacy
Want to grant your Sim their every wish? Only catch is that is all you can do to guide your Sim... Are you up to the challenge?


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Game Play Challenge Index
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