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 The Forgotten Island Challenge

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PostSubject: The Forgotten Island Challenge   Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:16 am

There original challenge is here created by Meresimp on her Danish forum.

Quote :
The forgotten island

Have you ever heard the story of a forgotten island far out in the big ocean?
Really old Sims can tell about the Sims-kingdom of glory which had many colonies around the world. There was, among others, a small colony located on 4 tropical islands - including one small island, Simtropia, many miles away from the others.

Actually, this island was not marked on any chart and only a few skippers knew how to navigate to get there. It is said that the water flow was so strong around this little island that no ship could moor right by the island. With long intervals, a freighter sailed past and only when it was summer and calm waters it came so close to the island that people could row out there and get in touch with the outside world.

It is also said that the island was often a victim of floods and other natural disasters, but despite that there was still created a small community of strong and courageous Sims who had traveled there and had created a life for themselves.. But that was long ago ... the last skipper, who could find the island is long gone and no one has heard anything of the islanders for generations.

But today you can read in The Sims Times a story about 8 young people who have disappeared without a trace. They sailed off in an old wooden ship from a large tropical island in this very old colony when a storm suddenly began - and no one have seen or heard anything since.
Where have they gone?

Now download this Zip file with Simtropia and install it in your game
Along comes a Saves-folder that you should place under My Documents / Eletronic Arts / The Sims 3/Saves.

Glemtclean aka Simtropia and a save file

Be warned this file contains 5 CC patterns.

Then you will find 8 young Sims at the beach on the small tropical island. About them can this story be told:

Eight young people had signed up for a trip where they were going out into the jungle to see the animals but also to spend the night there, the journey also included many other exciting excursions, particularly one where they should they sail in an old wooden boat that were built several hundred years ago.

They were all looking forward to go. They flew down to a large tropical island here they had to sleep the first night. The following morning they were going on their life excursion in the old boat. They were all excited.

All 8 turned up at the pier - excited and eager to get going. They set out to sea in the old boat. They had a long way to go and would only be there the following morning They all brought extra clothes, because it could be cold at nights, they also had an old compass so they could stay at the course.

They had sailed for a long time and darkness fell around them, everyone was getting tired, some were asleep when the boat started to tilt, it got worse and worse, they had to cling to everything in the boat. Suddenly one of the 8 shouted "What is that? a big shadow is coming against us?" At the same time the biggest wave you have ever seen hit the boat, You could hear how they screamed and suddenly everything went quiet....

A little later you could hear someone splashing in the water, others were laying on a beach and someone was clinging to the remains of the boat that were smashed on a rock.
All 8 had survived and had now come ashore on a beach somewhere, but where.....

What now??
What happens??
How to survive??

The challenge is now:

To get these 8 Sims to survive - populate the island - and make the society function.

Open the game called: Rasmussen/ Den glemte ø

On the island you will find the beach where the Sims have just come ashore- and other lots - all labeled: community lot / guests no access

The sims are not allowed to take work - they must live on what they can gather, grow or produce.
On the beach, where they came ashore, there formerly lived an old couple of eccentrics who have always kept themselves to themselves.

This house should remain as it is and you should get them some candles. Then you first have to obtain a solar cell and after that the cheapest refrigerator and one stove (max 650§) and some sleeping possibility for all eight sims. Furthermore you can acquire 2 easels, 1 dining table and 4 chairs, 2 kitchen desks - but no more

Instead gather money so the Sims one by one can move away from the beach. They need a little extra to be able to decorate their new house and pay the rent

Should some of your Sims fall in love they are allowed to move out together. (You are allowed to fulfill their romantic wishes but you are not allowed to provoke them)

You select the lot your Sim want to move to and change the lot type into residential.
Sims need a little extra cash when buying a house so they could organize themselves and pay rent.
You are allowed to bring their own bed in the pack.

When a Sim is going to move out it is done by the mobile phone.
Let the Sim you want to move out be "the active family" (that way they get all the money to) and move the Sim to the house you have chosen.

Then go into "edit town" and change the back to Sims at the beach. You can now start over and save up for the next Sim to move out.

Remember to swing by the Sims you've moved out and see how they are holding up. Help them - if necessary - to be self-sufficient and able to pay rent.

Do not remove the buildings on their lots - you must restore the buildings instead and it should be done with respect for history and original style - you are welcome to make some additions.
Do not buy electrical appliances before you have purchased solar or wind energy.

There are 5 lots which must not be converted to residential but they will need to be renovated when all Sims has moved from the beach - no buildings should be demolished.

- The old town hall - should remain city hall and changed to City Hall grounds - here the sims will be able to register themselves. But Sims may not start a political career here before the challenge is over ( after that it's up to you ).
- The little grammar school - the school must remain school and there must be a library at one end.
Church - must remain church and cemetery.
- The old wooden mill- has to be restored and it must be changed to commercial shop on which your Sims can buy daily necessities 1 Sim can take part-time work here and 1 Sim are allowed to buy a share.
- The old inn - the building on the lot must be removed and should be build a restaurant - 1 Sim can work here.

To make rabbitholes use the downloadable "Jynx Custom Rabbit Hole set" which is a collection of rugs that can be placed in the lots, you build yourself. Sims disappearing in and out of these carpets like in the original public buildings.
They can be downloaded here:
They cause no problems in the game and you can throw them out again once you have finished the challenge if you do not want that kind of stuff in your game.

No cheats - lifetime set to 190 days

When all the Sims have moved out from the beach, the rest of the island's houses is to be renovated - still with respect for history and style - and all but the 5 lots mentioned above should be changed to residential so that new sims also have the opportunity to move into.

Now your community should function - and maybe cargo ships will pass again a few times a year in calm waters

The challenge is made by Meresimp and Bette
All expansions are used to build the island

Enjoy !!
Edited for clarity. MW


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Posts : 9634
Join date : 2012-01-30
Age : 69
Location : In my own little world.

PostSubject: Re: The Forgotten Island Challenge   Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:16 am

meresimp wrote:
Thank you MerryWiddow for putting this up here

I hope you will find it interesting to take up this challenge

Me and my friend Bette (who owns had a lot of fun making it Smile

It's made rigth before Late Night - so you don't need that EP and the following

It's a small island and there was no room for rabbitholes buried in the ground to we used Jynx's carpets
I think he moved them from Custom Sims - so you can get them at MTS now:

Have fun!!!


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The Forgotten Island Challenge
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