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 Skill Builder Challenge Attempt #3!

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PostSubject: Skill Builder Challenge Attempt #3!   Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:57 pm

My newest test subject

Tailor Raegan :yeah:

Traits: Savvy Sculptor, Handy, Artistic, Loner and Kleptomaniac
Favorites: Firecracker Shrimp, French Music and Pink
LTW: Decendant of Da Vinci
Sign: Virgo

She is being settled into a fresh Sunlit Tides.

Screenshot-362 by RheassiSim, on Flickr

Tailor was raised in a very well to do household in Starlight Shores. Her mother had worked her way up from being a bartender to a famous actress. Her father is a distinguished director. As a child she never wanted for anything.. well except her parents affections. You see they were so busy with their careers they never had time for her. Tailor learned that there are more important things then fame and money. Shortly after her 18th birthday she read an ad in the paper seeking an individual who was willing help with a science/social experiment. The job did not offer any pay however they were providing first class airfare and a free plot of land on the beautiful island of Sunlit Tides.

Curious Tailor called the number included in the ad. All that the position required was a journal showing what she learned from her experiments and permission for the Universality to share her findings. Each experiment involved learning a skill and showing her mastery of it. She would be given a list of skills and she could learn them in any order but it was imperative that she document everything and that she was able to show her mastery of all skills. The plot of land was hers to keep regardless of how the experiments worked out. She will be allowed to work on the Island as long as it did not interfere with her progress. The University cautioned that a single Sim was preferred so that all their attention could be devoted to the experiments. If at any time another Sim joined the household and in any way interrupted her experiments then it would all be over.

Tailor jumped at the chance and was soon winging her way to Sunlit Tides. She was very pleasantly surprised with her lot. While it was empty and devoid of any living space it was beautiful and right on the water!

Tailor's Lot by RheassiSim, on Flickr

Tailor took stock of her situation. She was very excited to be on the island but she knew that she must find a way to generate some income so that she could eat and build a shelter. She looked over the rules once more and then sat down to make a plan.

Stay tuned for more!
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PostSubject: Re: Skill Builder Challenge Attempt #3!   Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:16 am

Lovely plot of land and a lovely Sim too. Will be following.


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Skill Builder Challenge Attempt #3!
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