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 How to Post Pictures to this Site

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PostSubject: How to Post Pictures to this Site   Mon Jan 30, 2012 7:50 pm

To upload images to this site.

Select the button 'Host an Image'.

When the pop-up shows, click the 'Select Files' button. It will open the explorer on your computer. You can either click on the files you want to upload and click open or click and drag them in the space provided.

More than one file can be selected. Once you have the files you want in the up-loader, you can click the upload button.

Once the file is uploaded, click on the button highlighted. It says "Insert the Image in the Editor". It will place the file in the Editor where your cursor is currently located.

The code placed will link to the picture on the site. If you don't want this you can remove the code that does this.

This is the original code.

This is the code broken down in three parts. To remove the link, delete the first line and the last line. Keep only the line between the image tags (the img and /img and the surrounding square brackets.)

Updated July 16, 2017


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How to Post Pictures to this Site
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